HERNDON, VA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - Rubicon Professional Services, a leading national provider of full-service energy management, consulting, engineering, and construction management for mission-critical facilities, today announced that it has taken its leadership in the energy efficiency and green construction marketplace one step further. Coming on the heels of full OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certification for all Rubicon employees and executives, Rubicon has added an additional level of safety for its employees and customers by adding Steve Klein, OSHA Outreach Trainer and long time industry veteran as its Safety Director.

Klein is directly responsible for solidifying Rubicon's internal safety policies, including OSHA training for all employees and executives. Klein has developed an industry-unique job hazard analysis program to ensure sub-contractors adhere to core safety standards prior to the start of all construction projects. 

"More and more, companies are realizing the importance of safety in the workplace -- not only for attracting and retaining new employees, but also for helping companies keep their costs down on construction projects," said Klein. "Rubicon is definitely on the cutting edge of this trend and one of the first in its market to integrate safety in the workplace as a key piece of its strategic vision."

Since its creation in 1970, OSHA has addressed the safety and health concerns of all workers in the United States. As part of this program, the group has outlined key workplace policies to ensure standards are being met. OSHA's network of 2,100 inspectors -- as well as a broad-based team of investigators, engineers, physicians, educators, and standards writers -- help the federal agency to achieve this goal.

"Safety is a critical concern on all construction projects for multiple reasons including the protection and welfare of employees, providing a safe work environment and controlling construction costs," explains Steve Klein, Safety Director, Rubicon Professional Services. "It's my job to make sure all personnel have the proper training and knowledge necessary to ensure a clean, safe and healthy work environment. Also to handle any safety situations at Rubicon and to ensure OSHA safety guidelines are met."

Core to Rubicon's business is a workforce dedicated to understanding its customers' business model. The company then designs solutions that meet all capital and performance expectations. From feasibility studies and site selection through planning, equipment integration, construction, commissioning and ongoing energy services -- Rubicon relies on a well trained and focused workforce to gain a competitive edge.

"We succeed in this market because of our highly trained and skilled workforce -- delivering the infrastructures our clients need, while driving reduced energy costs and increased monetization of existing assets for the life of the facilities," said Jim Embley, CEO, Rubicon Professional Services. "Since our employees are such a critical success factor, it only makes sense to have strategic internal safety policies in place."

Rubicon clients face a variety of risks when undertaking construction projects. Considerations regarding risks to tenants and property are top concerns as is ensuring workplace safety for sub-contractors. Klein is directly responsible for ensuring Rubicon projects remain on budget and free of workplace mishaps.

Rubicon's strategic vision is to provide value for its data center developer, owner and end-user customers throughout the facility construction/renovation project lifecycle. The company's services cover a broad range of capabilities, including: Design/Build Construction, Construction Management, Equipment Integration, Energy Services, Owner's Representation, Feasibility Studies, Site Selection and Due Diligence, as well as Commissioning. 

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Rubicon Professional Services expertly manages the entire process of building critical facilities like data and telecommunications centers. From strategy development to assembling custom teams of top rated engineers, contractors and equipment vendors, Rubicon is a trusted advisor and business partner to technology-dependent organizations ensuring cost-effective delivery of critical facilities that meet business objectives. Rubicon Professional Services has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and California. For more information about Rubicon Professional Services, visit www.rubiconps.com

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