NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 9, 2011) - JIBE, the site that connects job seekers and employers through social networks, has grown 454 percent since the start of 2011, surpassing more than one million monthly job views and counting. In January alone, more than 540,000 job seekers visited JIBE to apply for jobs at a growing roster of leading companies such as, Bank of America, Intel, AT&T and Merck.

"The speed of adoption after launch has exceeded our expectations with hundreds of thousands of experienced candidates and Fortune 100 employers flocking to JIBE to connect," said Joe Essenfeld, JIBE founder and CEO. "We're now sending tens of thousands of highly qualified applicants to our participating companies and, most important, we know that JIBE's socially connected users are standing out in today's crowded job market and getting hired."

Employers use JIBE to hire better candidates faster -- most report they start hiring candidates within the first 30 days of loading jobs on the site. The difference is JIBE's exclusive "social application" technology, which prompts candidates to include relevant Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts on applications they complete as part of their social profile. Each candidate controls what appears on their social profile, which JIBE employers say makes them stand out and get hired faster.

 Why JIBE is the only true social job board:

  • High-quality jobs are strategically placed on JIBE by leading employers
  • Candidates never leave the site to search for and apply for jobs, they remain in JIBE's user-friendly environment to complete the application process and reach employers directly in a few easy steps
  • A social profile is appended to an employers' traditional job application -- they get a more complete view of each applicant with no additional work or configuration required by them

To hire or get hired faster through JIBE:

About JIBE
JIBE is the only online service that truly connects job seekers and employers through social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. JIBE activates connections, letting job seekers cash-in on who they know inside top companies and giving those employers a three-dimensional view of candidates, with social as the third dimension. Companies such as Bank of America, Merck and rely on JIBE to source better candidates faster -- they pay for performance and get results with no additional steps or work on their end. JIBE's lead investor is Polaris Venture Partners; other investors include Lerer Ventures, Zelkova Ventures, Thrive Capital and Jason Calacanis. For more information:

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