HONG KONG--(Marketwire - February 10, 2011) - Travelzoo Asia Pacific, a licensee of global Internet media company Travelzoo Inc. (NASDAQ: TZOO), released its latest findings today. The survey makes it clear that the Greater China holiday makers, to the extent of eighty percent of those on the mainland, intend spending more on leisure travel this year. The figures also show that 70 percent of the Hong Kong questionnaire respondents and 65 percent of the Taiwanese, felt likewise. Mainland Chinese subscribers, it appears, will spend on average USD 3,780 per person on leisure travel this year, while Hong Kong and Taiwanese subscribers will spend on average USD 2,670 and USD 1,782, respectively.

These findings were gained from interviewing 4,200 Travelzoo subscribers in a survey that was conducted over the period of 4 to 12 January, 2011.

According to Jason Yap, CEO, Travelzoo Asia Pacific, the survey results provide useful insights into today's travel trends among the people of Greater China.

"We can see unlimited opportunities, especially from people in mainland China, with the high percentage of our subscribers telling us that they are open to new holiday ideas. We can see by the figures that they also have the spending power for leisure travel," Mr. Yap remarked.

The results also show the increasingly sophisticated travel inclinations of the mainland Chinese. While sightseeing vacations consistently top all lists no matter what destination chosen by holiday makers from wherever in Greater China, eco-tourism vacations were seen as close second choices. This is a new phenomenon -- with 46 percent of the mainlanders citing such adventures among their 'wanna-dos' and far ahead of wine, dine and dancing, or even shopping or theme park vacations. This compares with 33 percent of the Taiwanese and 20 percent of Hong Kongers. 

On the mainland, Tibet was ranked high when it came to the ideal eco-tourism destination, ahead of other presumed popular eco-tourism destinations offered from Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand travel service suppliers.

The survey acknowledged the developing interest within Greater China for its holiday makers to experience more exotic yet luxury-end vacations. Spa resorts in particular, especially with onsen facilities, were vacation opportunities ranked consistently at the top of choices. A strong 47 percent of Hong Kongers expressed such preferences; followed by 40 percent of the mainlanders, while 37 percent of the Taiwanese thought likewise.

Harmony of body and mind types of well-being vacations were the most favorably sought after by the mainlanders, with 30 percent citing these among their top preferences. This compared with like preferences of 23 percent of the Taiwanese and 20 percent of the Hong Kongers. Beachfront hotels and resorts, and spa type resorts were consistently ranked high for all these vacationers, showing this common theme for traditional holidaying is still strong.

The survey reveals the wholesome receptivity of Travelzoo's Greater China subscribers to try new experiences. A good half of the subscribers surveyed from across Greater China cited 'trying exotic local foods while abroad,' and 'actively participating in local festivals' as some of the new things to try in 2011.

"The insights gained from the questionnaire enables our global team of deal experts to continue to deliver high quality, honest deals, giving true value and with local relevancy," continued Mr. Yap. "They are also useful to the travel industry generally. Marketing strategies can be mapped out as everyone in the industry gains from understanding the import of this information we share, as derived from our helpful subscriber base." 

The questionnaire findings further proved that the Asia Pacific and China are exciting travel markets where Travelzoo already has strong commitment and where it is upping its investments this year.

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