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DEETHREE EXPLORATION LTD. ("DeeThree") ("Company") (TSX:DTX) announces its reserve update as of December 31, 2010 and details of its 2011 capital budget which is primarily directed towards increased activity in the Bakken fairway on its extensive land holdings in the Lethbridge area of southern Alberta.


DeeThree's 2010 capital activities resulted in expenditures of approximately $22 million whereby DeeThree made great strides towards fulfilling its seismic and drilling commitment on its Lethbridge property. This commitment originally involved the drilling of 30 wells over a three-year period commencing November 14, 2008 and the shooting of four townships of seismic data over the same period. In April of 2010, the Company announced a two year extension on its land base through the drilling of an additional 20 wells with no additional seismic requirements. All commitment wells are required to be drilled to the Mississippian horizon at an approximate depth of 1,000 metres.

As at December 31, 2010 the Company had over 90% of the total seismic commitment complete, (seismic costs represented approximately 32% of 2010 capital expenditures) with an approximate 10 sections left to shoot in 2011. At December 31, 2010, DeeThree had drilled 26 of the original 30 commitment wells. As well, DeeThree invested significant capital in 2010 to expand its infrastructure with the addition of a gas plant to process liquids rich natural gas and an 18 km pipeline to access a key land block (collectively represented approximately 12% of 2010 capital expenditures). Due to a combination of depressed current and forecasted natural gas prices and reserve and production results from the shallow gas program that did not meet the Company's expectations, DeeThree shifted focus to the new and emerging Bakken play early in 2010.


The Company's reserves as at December 31, 2010 have declined in comparison to its December 31, 2009 reserves estimate due to both a significant decline in current and future natural gas prices and also the Company's shallow gas drilling results throughout 2010.

The following table represents the Company's reserves as evaluated by DeeThree's independent reserve engineering firm, Sproule Associates Ltd. The evaluation of DeeThree's petroleum and natural gas reserves was conducted pursuant to National Instrument 51–101– Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities and the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH) reserves definitions.

The table below summarizes the changes in the company's share of oil and natural gas reserves (before royalties) from Dec. 31, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2010

    December 31, 2010   December 31, 2009
(columns may not add due to rounding)   Natural Gas (MMcf)   Oil & NGLs (Mbbls)   Total (Mboe)   % of P + P   Total (mboe)
  Producing   6,470   19.8   1,098.1   69   1,332.8
  Non-producing   1,011   29.5   198.0   12   --
  Undeveloped   183   --   30.5   2   380.5
Total Proved   7,664   49.3   1,326.7   83   1,713.2
Probable   1,543   14.6   271.8   17   346.6
Total proved plus probable   9,207   63.9   1,598.5   100   2,059.9

The following table summarizes the Net Present Value of the Company's share of oil and natural gas reserves (before royalties) as at December 31, 2010.

As of December 31, 2010
    Before income taxes discounted at (% per year)
    0%   5%   10%
Reserve Category            
Developed producing   20,281   15,486   12,533
Developed non-producing   5,463   4,434   3,705
Undeveloped   608   511   437
Total proved   26,352   20,432   16,675
Probable   6,509   3,997   2,760
Total proved plus probable   32,862   24,428   19,435
Summary of Price Forecasts and Inflation and Exchange Rates ($Cdn)
Effective December 31, 2010
Year   WTI Cushing 40-degree API (US$/bbl)   Edmonton par price – 40 degree API (CDN$/bbl)   Alberta AECO-C spot (CDN$/MMBTU)   Inflation rate (%/yr)   Exchange rate (US$/Cdn$)
2011   88.40   93.08   4.04   1.5   0.932
2012   89.14   93.85   4.66   1.5   0.932
2013   88.77   93.43   4.99   1.5   0.932
2014   88.88   93.54   6.58   1.5   0.932
2015   90.22   94.95   6.69   1.5   0.932
2016   91.57   96.38   6.80   1.5   0.932
2017   92.94   97.84   6.91   1.5   0.932
2018   94.34   99.32   7.02   1.5   0.932
2019   95.75   100.81   7.14   1.5   0.932
2020   97.19   102.34   7.26   1.5   0.932
Thereafter   Escalation rate 1.5%   .    


  1. The pricing assumptions were provided by Sproule Associates Ltd.
  2. None of the company's future production is subject to a fixed or contractually committed price.


DeeThree's Board of Directors has approved a 2011 capital budget of $32 million for exploration and development activities in its core area of Lethbridge, Alberta whereby in excess of 70% of the spending will be directed towards exploration and development of the emerging Alberta Bakken oil play. DeeThree expects that its capital budget will be funded through its current working capital of approximately $26 million and its undrawn credit facility of $10 million along with internally generated cash flow. With its shift in focus toward the Bakken oil play DeeThree expects that it will move from a currently heavily weighted natural gas producer to a more desirable balance of crude oil and liquids throughout the year.


DeeThree is well positioned to capitalize on the emerging Alberta Bakken oil play with over 250 sections of lands in the Lethbridge area that the Company believes are prospective, coupled with ownership of extensive facilities and pipeline infrastructure over the area. 

In late 2010, the Company spud its first vertical Bakken stratigraphic test well on its Lethbridge property. The well was successfully drilled to the planned vertical depth with the target section cored and retrieved. After reviewing encouraging results from the core data, DeeThree proceeded with a horizontal leg. As of today's date, DeeThree has successfully drilled its planned horizontal leg and with continued positive results, installed a 15-stage frac assembly. The well is currently awaiting fracture stimulation operations. 

DeeThree is continuing exploration and development of the Alberta Bakken. The Company has two more licensed stratigraphic vertical wells that will be cored; testing additional land blocks and is currently in various stages of acquiring several multi-well pad sites. In total DeeThree plans to drill another seven Bakken locations on its Lethbridge property throughout 2011 with one rig being utilized consistently throughout the year with the possibility of engaging a second rig depending on results.

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