SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) -  A new online publication and portal, Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design (, will launch on February 15 to an initial database of more than 330,000 engineering professionals and executives on five continents. The publication will provide unbiased, critical insight into the challenging chip manufacturing issues of this decade, delivered by the industry's top writers, editors and market researchers in both English and Chinese languages.

Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design will feature daily updates, regular newsletters and blogs from editors David Lammers, Ed Korczynski, Katherine Derbyshire, Ed Sperling, John Blyler and Ann Mutschler on topics ranging from lithography, yield, materials, packaging, 3D stacking, process variation, equipment and the economics of developing and manufacturing semiconductors. "Litho Guru" Chris Mack and research houses Semico and IHS iSuppli are on board to provide the latest technology and business updates. The site also will feature roundtable discussions and videos, as well as a platform for readers' questions and comments on technology issues.

Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design is based on a successful publishing model developed jointly by Sperling Media Group and Extension Media, which utilizes sponsorships instead of advertising and replaces product pitches and press releases with user-focused issues. Current sponsors include SEMI, Soitec, Applied Materials, GlobalFoundries and Mentor Graphics. Readers can examine a preview of Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design at -- which will formally launch on the 15th.

"This is a great opportunity for us to provide unbiased, timely and very useful information that can help professionals understand what's changing in their world, allowing them to plan better and ultimately to make better-informed business and technology decisions," said Ed Sperling, editorial director of the new venture. "It's also a tremendous opportunity for us to create a community of experts that can trade information across an increasingly complex ecosystem."

"This new site fills a critical need for expert editorial that can dive deeper into manufacturing and design technology," said David Lammers, editor in chief of the new publication. "We're very excited about this opportunity to cover one of the most interesting and dynamic industries in the world -- the genesis of all electronic innovation."

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Sperling Media Group LLC (SMG) was formed to provide a free flow of unbiased information about technology and business issues in highly targeted markets where complexity is at its peak and real insight is essential. SMG's model is to provide readers with exactly the kind of information they want, in the format and frequency of their choice, and to create a community where ideas can be exchanged freely without an endless barrage of product pitches and marketing.

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Extension Media LLC is a well-known publisher in the electronics market, including Chip Design Magazine, Embedded Intel® Solutions and a host of targeted horizontal and vertical catalogs and online resources for electronics. Extension Media is a production and content-sharing partner with Sperling Media Group, each of which leverages relevant links from the other to provide engineers and technology-oriented businesses with the most complete information available to do their jobs. John Blyler, editorial director of Extension Media, collaborates closely with Ed Sperling on all aspects of the partnership.

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