COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - February 16, 2011) -  According to the BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage® Survey (SIMM®17 - December 2010, N=24,754), 13.2% of Adults 18+ own a BlackBerry, 11.3% own an iPhone, 9.3% own a Droid and 5.2% own an iPad. With approximately a third of the U.S. adult population using smartphones and other mobile devices, marketers need to understand the digital habits of these savvy consumers.

BlackBerry, Droid, iPad, iPhone and even eReader Owners are more likely to be engaging in social networking, online shopping and downloading music/videos compared to the average consumer:

Which of the following online activities do you regularly do for Fun & Entertainment while online?

    eReader BlackBerry Droid iPad iPhone
  Adults 18+ Owners Owners Owners Owners Owners
Download Music/Videos 25.0% 33.6% 34.0% 40.5% 42.2% 39.6%
Social Networking 28.3% 36.1% 34.9% 41.3% 33.3% 36.2%
Shopping 40.7% 51.0% 49.1% 47.9% 49.7% 49.6%

For a complete, complimentary list of online activities for each mobile device owner:

Droid Owners are more likely to visit social networking sites regularly, and 1 in 5 (20.7%) also indicates that Facebook is the site they visit most often for Fun & Entertainment (vs. 14.1% of Adults 18+).

Over half (51%) of eReader Owners regularly shop online for fun, and all types of mobile device owners appear to conduct more research online prior to purchasing in a store:

Over the last 90 days, which types of products did you research online before buying them in person? (Top 3 Categories)

    eReader BlackBerry Droid iPad iPhone
  Adults 18+ Owners Owners Owners Owners Owners
Electronics 48.7% 61.0% 58.6% 65.9% 66.4% 61.2%
Apparel 38.1% 45.9% 50.0% 45.5% 48.1% 48.7%
CDs/DVDs/Books 33.9% 50.2% 41.2% 42.6% 48.1% 43.5%

Mobile users are likely conducting this research and looking for entertainment directly on their mobile device. The majority of those owning mobile devices regularly or occasionally access the Internet: 88% of Droid Owners regularly/occasionally search the web on the Droid. 86.9% of iPhone Owners, 84.9% of iPad Owners and 80.2% of BlackBerry Owners do the same with their mobile devices.

After researching and shopping online, the next step is to share with family and friends, and mobile device owners are more likely than the general population to seek out and give advice about products or services. Consumers with iPhones are more likely to regularly or occasionally seek advice while Droid owners are more likely to give it. Word of mouth can be a powerful influence on different retail categories -- find out which ones with a complimentary report on SlideShare:

About the BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage® Survey (SIMM®)
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