NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 18, 2011) - What would you do if you lost your very public job (evening television anchor), found out you might have cancer and then had lightning strike your house and literally fry it -- all within a few weeks? It may sound like a Lifetime Movie script -- but it DID happen to author Cindy Morrison -- a popular, award winning former TV anchor in two of the top Midwest markets.

Cindy's girlfriends picked her up and helped her reinvent herself. She wrote a book, hit the speaking circuit and launched a very successful career in social media. Cindy's initially self-published book, "Girlfriends 2.0"® sold more copies in the first month than most first time authors EVER sell and is now nationally available through Yorkshire Publishing.

She turned her mess into a message with national reach on a shoestring budget through social media connections and smart new media marketing. Cindy's online fan base of nearly 25,000 is a testament that her book hits home for people across the US who have had to literally reinvent themselves after the recession.

Cindy is in New York City and available for interviews and appearances through Sunday, February 21-25; and, a launch party Tuesday, February 22.

She is also a featured speaker on the national tour with Spark and Hustle -- an intense 3-day conference to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their bottom lines launched by Tory Johnson -- founder and CEO of Women for Hire and popular contributor to Good Morning America

Some timely topics Cindy can discuss that your viewers or listeners can immediately relate to:

1. SOCIALVENTION -- Reinvent yourself through social media by spending little or no money
Cindy Morrison did it to successfully publish her book and launch a business. She can tell your viewers/listeners how to do the same in today's challenging job market.

2. Self-publish and have a hit with no money
Self-publishing is more popular than ever. Cindy Morrison is one of the few self-published authors picked up by a traditional publisher and is launching her book nationally next week in New York City. She can tell others how to get the same results she did.

3. Don't spend a dime and have a successful product
Cindy Morrison did it without spending a dime on traditional advertising -- all through social media

4. Girlfriends are a key to success
From Jennifer and Courtney to Snooki and J-WOWW -- girlfriends are the rage. Cindy can give real-life advice on how to dump the "emotional vampires" without drama and keep the friends who help you succeed.