BILLINGS, MT--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - launched its retail business intelligence technology last month at the National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York. In the current economic environment where retailers are aggressively looking for ways to manage their productivity and store performance, secured leads with more than 100 major and mid-sized national retailers.

Scott Roller, CEO of, met with retail leaders from across the nation at the NRF show to introduce this breakthrough technology. 

"All retailers with multiple locations want to maximize their traffic opportunities in each store location while managing and improving their labor cost," said Roller. "The unique features of technology make it a powerful retail business measurement and management tool. Retailers have the ability to understand the total picture of how each store is performing, and can use the data and predictive analysis to make changes that will improve sales performance."

The technology was developed out of a need to track individual performance in each of 200 stores within a retail chain. Previously, there was no technology available that could track, manage and improve individual performance down to the store level. No other traffic counting system is able to merge the other important data sets with the traffic counting system to deliver one concise picture of each store's performance.

Software capabilities and benefits included in the technology include real-time management, tracking and performance measurements contained in business intelligence metrics such as Customer Value (CV), Service Intensity (SI) and Sales Per Hour (SPH).

"Previously, you could only see what happened yesterday or last week," adds Roller. "Through remote accessibility, authorized users can see each store as it is operating in real-time. This allows store managers to make changes as the day is progressing in order to increase performance and not miss out on traffic and sales volume."

About is the powerful business intelligence technology that works with a multitude of traffic counter systems in retail store chains. This high-performance platform delivers real-time visibility to store operations. It can measure performance against objectives, increase sales staff productivity while optimizing each store's labor schedule to traffic opportunity, and utilize predictive analytics to drive higher growth in customer value. To learn more about, go to or email

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