DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - An IRA is a popular vehicle for saving for retirement. Accounts like these possess certain tax benefits favorable to individuals, allowing them to invest without the burden of certain taxes. Considering this fact, online bullion dealer Provident Metals, LLC (http://www.providentmetals.com/) is now partnering with two IRA custodian companies to offer investors the ability to include physical gold, silver and other bullion products in either their Traditional or Roth IRA.

To start, investors will need to open what is known as a Self-Directed IRA through either the American Estate & Trust Company or the Sterling Trust Company, two firms carefully examined by Provident Metals to ensure stability. Next, investors will need the fund the IRA account through a transfer, rollover, annual contribution or bank wire. Once the funds are in the investor's account, they will place their order with Provident Metals who will then send their order to the custodian for storage. Investors will have the ability to cash-out their investments at any time.

"We're thrilled to offer another option for precious metal investors," comments J.W. Haugen, General Manager of Provident Metals, LLC. "Now our customers have the opportunity to transfer their existing retirement funds into an asset class with more stability."

Individual Retirement Accounts were created in 1974 to encourage workers to save for retirement. Investors can contribute up to a certain amount each year and reduce their taxable income. Self-Directed IRAs allow for more flexibility in choosing where funds go. Real estate, commodities and precious metals are just a few of the different kinds of self-directed IRAs available.

To learn more about Provident Metals' IRA options, visit the online bullion dealer today at http://www.providentmetals.com/precious-metals-ira-investment.html. Any IRA investor placing an order will need to call (877) 429-8790.

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