SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - Bizo, the leading solution for reaching and engaging business professionals online, today announced that it now serves more than 1000 forward-thinking publishers with products and services that improve monetization and create value for their advertising partners and visitors. To round out its set of publisher offerings, Bizo recently added Private Audience Targeting to enable publishers to segment their audience by business demographics and charge appropriately for ads aimed at specific, high value bizographic segments.

"As more and more advertising dollars continue to follow eyeballs onto the Web, publishers are grappling with how to most effectively build their businesses online -- their growth depends on it," said Bryan Burdick, Corporate Development Officer of Bizo. "Bizo brings business publishers unprecedented insight and innovation that adds monetization options and helps them reclaim a position of strength in the online ad ecosystem."

Leading publishers -- both large and small -- like, Kande Media, D&B, Nielsen, Hearst, Loopnet and now more than 1000 others turn to Bizo to diversify and stimulate their online revenue streams by helping them unlock the value of their business audiences. Bizo offers several solutions and programs that are helping its publisher partners better monetize their business audiences both on and off-site:

  • Bizo Analyze provides clear visibility into the business demographic make-up of website visitors allowing publishers to tailor content and demonstrate the value of their audiences to potential advertisers
  • Bizo's Inventory Provider Program enables publishers to earn 2-3 times more for their unsold ad inventory
  • Bizo's Data Provider Program creates an entirely new data stream for publishers by enabling them to earn revenues when their anonymous audience data is used for ad targeting.

Bizo has now added Private Audience Targeting to its offering. Private Audience Targeting enables larger publishers to segment their audience by business demographics and up-sell advertisers based on the ability to target high-value ads to specific bizographic segments. Powered by Bizo's audience targeting capabilities, a publisher can offer its advertisers the ability to put their brand and message in front of very specific segments of business professionals, wherever they travel across the publisher's web properties. Bizo anonymously tracks the bizographics of more than 85 million business professionals which means it can overlay its data across a publisher's web site audience and deliver the scale they need in a broad range of high-value target segments, such as Fortune 500 Executives, SMB sales and marketing managers, and CFOs in Healthcare, just to name a few.

"Bizo has given us truly unique insight into the precise business professionals that we serve and the power to engage them more effectively," said Brian DeWeese, VP Publisher Relations of the FinancialContent Ad Network. "We pride ourselves on providing keen business content and creating solid opportunities for marketers to reach important decision makers. Bizo has taken this commitment to new levels of innovation and access while increasing our revenue opportunities."

Confidence through BPA Certification
Bizo is the only online business audience data provider to earn third-party certification through BPA Worldwide (, the global auditor of media. BPA has certified the Bizo platform and business demographic or "bizographic" data that powers it, as a valid source of business audience data. To earn BPA certification, Bizo underwent a rigorous inspection that included validation of bizographic data collection methods, including how the data is filtered, measured, cleansed, distributed and stripped of individual users' personally identifiable information. In addition, BPA verified the company's systems, procedures and physical security measures.

"We understand the sensitivity and difficulty around collecting, recording and reporting audience profile data. After an extensive review of Bizo's system, our certification has determined that Bizo meets or exceeds industry requirements for accurate and anonymous data," said Peter Black, senior vice president of business development for BPA Worldwide. "Bizo provides a valuable service to both publishers and advertisers by adding the dimension of audience quality upon which informed media decisions can be made."

About Bizo
Bizo is how marketers reach and engage business professionals, wherever they travel online. Bizo's unique ability to precisely target more than 80% of the US business population gives marketers cost-effective access and insight into business professionals -- the most valuable online audience segment. Hundreds of leading brands including AMEX, Monster, Jaguar, Microsoft, and FedEx count on the precision and deep analytics that the Bizo platform provides to reach, educate and motivate business professionals, boosting the effectiveness of every dollar invested across their marketing program mix.

Bizo is privately held and based in San Francisco, California. For more information on Bizo, or for a free look at the Bizographic make-up of your website audience, visit

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