PALM DESERT, CA--(Marketwire - February 28, 2011) - DEMO SPRING 2011 Speaku, a real-time social network for forums and blogs, is one of a handful of innovative technologies chosen to present its AlphaPitch at DEMO Spring 2011 this week. Expected to be available by mid year, the topic-driven Speaku network will enable the real-time sharing of high quality -- and useful -- content to a live global audience. In fact, to help ensure this quality content, Speaku will require a minimum of 140 characters for primary topic posts. 

Real-time communications, whether through status updates, Tweets or link sharing, is increasingly becoming a key method of sharing information online. Today's real-time social media applications, however, only permit brief messages that do not facilitate in-depth analysis or discussion; nor do they enable easy tracking of topics and discussions. With Speaku, Internet users can easily create and publish comprehensive and informative content in real time while also being able to discover, follow and engage with others based on shared topics of interest.

"Speaku does for blogs and forums what Twitter does for status updates," said Chris Crabtree, founder of Speaku and former CTO of Mozenda Inc., a web data extraction software company. "It applies the power of real-time communications to these two extremely large conversation outlets, making it the quickest way to broadcast rich content you would typically find in blogs, forums and news sites to others around the world with similar interests."

With Speaku, all content is submitted via an easy-to-use e-mail-like text publisher and is indexed immediately based on topics, tags and keywords. This makes it easier for users to make significant content contributions and in turn be discovered and followed by those with similar topics of interest. Discovering new topics will be as simple as opening an e-mail inbox and will allow users to automatically discover and receive information on their topic the moment it is published anywhere on the network. 

Key features include:

  • a real-time audience calculator, which let's users know their potential audience before they publish to the network 
  • a familiar user interface, much like e-mail
  • Topic Inboxes, which track and discover topic based information on the network as soon as it is published
  • the ability to participate in public or private discussions
  • blog and feed linking, which allows those with existing content to publish that content to a real-time network with a live global audience

About Speaku
Based in Orem, Utah, Speaku is a topic-driven social information network that brings real-time communications to forums and blogs. Expected to be available for public use by mid-2011, Speaku aims to combine the growing demand for real-time interaction with longer, more in-depth blog or forum posts to provide high quality -- and useful -- content to a live global audience. For more information, please visit

About DEMO
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