AUSTIN, TEXAS--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) - The American GI Forum of Texas ("AGIF Texas") today announced its support for the Keystone XL Pipeline and urged the U.S. Department of State to "expeditiously grant without further delay" the Presidential Permit for the project.

American GI Forum, the only Federally Chartered U.S. Hispanic Veterans organization, said it is serving the interests of veterans and their families by urging the Department of State to act and act now to approve the Keystone XL permit.

"Energy is a vital part of our country's defense. Instability in the Middle East demonstrates that dependence on oil from Middle East and Venezuela has increased energy costs and brought high prices to the fuel pumps," said Gil Rodriguez, AGIF Texas' State Executive.

Keystone XL Pipeline will improve energy security and help reduce America's dependence on crude oil from the Middle East and Venezuela by up to 40 percent. Keystone XL will deliver large, secure supplies of U.S. and Canadian crude oil to U.S. refineries.

"Important to our men and women in uniform, Keystone XL will deliver 'conflict-free' oil, for which not one drop of American blood need be spilled," Rodriguez said. "AGIF Texas is dedicated to supporting the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our liberties, and for that reason alone we're proud to support this pipeline."

Constructing Keystone XL will provide an immediate boost to the economy. Thousands of shovel-ready jobs building the pipeline are waiting for the State Department's permit, and the $7 billion that will be spent building the line will stimulate creation of more than 118,000 additional jobs during construction, according to a study conducted by economist Dr. M. Ray Perryman.

"From the day the Department of State grants its permit, Keystone XL will help improve the lives of many Hispanics, Hispanic businesses and veterans. That's why we're urging the U.S. State Department to move ahead now and issue the permit without further delay," Rodriguez said.

Founded in 1948 in Texas, AGIF is a major force working to protect and advance the rights and interests of Hispanic veterans and support the men and women in the U.S. armed services. As part of its mission, AGIF is a strong advocate for programs and policies that enhance our nation's security and promote the interests of Hispanic veterans.

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