NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 3, 2011) - DailyFeats, the online community that rewards and celebrates doing good, today launched its platform for sharing positive actions at Built on the principle that "doing good should be rewarding," DailyFeats offers a place for people to do positive actions (known as feats) that foster good health, improve financial security, reduce stress, strengthen communities, enrich connections with family and friends, and more. Members connect with one another locally and around the globe, finding the inspiration and resolve to be healthier and happier while also working toward real rewards.

Emerging from a year of development and an intensive six-month private beta period, with hundreds of thousands of points already earned by its first members, DailyFeats is the world's leading social platform that rewards people for positive actions, encouraging members to do good in their everyday lives. "Our vision is a world where people reach the maximum potential of their day, every day," said Veer Gidwaney, CEO of DailyFeats, "and we've been working to make that a reality. We're fortunate to have the help of an inspiring and forward-looking coalition of commercial and nonprofit partners, and an enthusiastic community of members who educate and motivate us daily."

A feat at DailyFeats is any action that creates good, such as eating whole grains or fruits and veggies; working out or taking the stairs; reading or doing creative projects; volunteering or mentoring; and many more. DailyFeats offers a growing collection of hundreds of feats to choose from, representing a broad range of positive priorities and lifestyles that encompasses the vast diversity of its members.

"DailyFeats is awesome, and it's helping me become a healthier person," said Juan-Ramon Jacobe of Los Angeles, an active member of DailyFeats. "I check in whenever I go out for a hike or bike ride, and lately, I've found myself hiking and cycling more and more, because I know I'm working toward a real reward."

DailyFeats members earn points whenever they do a feat; they earn additional points when their most inspiring or funny accomplishments receive "props" from other members. Points can then be redeemed for savings and rewards sponsored by national brands and local businesses throughout North America. DailyFeats, completely free for members to use, currently has more than 125,000 local rewards available nationwide that anyone can earn for doing good.

"As a mom, I have a lot going on," said Mary MacDonald of Somerville, MA, "and DailyFeats helps remind me to focus on what's important for me and my family."

In the coming weeks and months, the company will announce groundbreaking relationships with top national brands seeking to help individuals improve their lives and communities. These partnerships will bring together the power of rewards and social media, and enable national brands to support a community of people who want to live better.

DailyFeats is powered by its pioneering rewards and loyalty model, affiliating its supporting organizations with feats that befit their missions. They include respected national brands such as and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM®, and nonprofits such as World Wildlife Fund, charity: water, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, WELL WORLD and the Chopra Foundation, among others. Through DailyFeats, all of these organizations demonstrate a meaningful commitment to positive action.

"DailyFeats came to Monster with a refreshing, spirited and meaningful approach to our social engagement with job seekers that was hard to resist because it synchs up so well with both our mission and the desire to measure our impact," said Janet Swaysland, SVP Global Communications & Social Media at "DailyFeats encourages people to 'do good' for themselves and others -- in our case, feats around taking actions that advance work-related aspirations -- and rewards them for their efforts in a way that drives measurable business results for its partners. I think this is the future of socially infused marketing, and DailyFeats is a great fit for our brand and our strategy."

About DailyFeats

DailyFeats ( is the online community that rewards and celebrates doing good. DailyFeats members collect points for doing simple but meaningful feats that benefit the body, mind, home and community. Points can then be redeemed for exciting real-world rewards, including everything from discounts at local businesses to savings from national brands. Doing good is easy, fun and rewarding at DailyFeats.

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