OLNEY, MD--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - Arrow Investment Advisors, the advisor to Arrow Funds, has experienced rapid growth since its inception five years ago, announcing today that it has surpassed $1.5 billion in assets under management (AUM). With more than $500 million in mutual fund AUM and $1 billion in subadvised AUM, Arrow has quickly garnered interest from investors seeking alternative investment and tactical portfolio solutions. Internally, the firm has grown from an initial four employees to more than 20 professionals responsible for investment management, marketing and distribution.

"From the beginning, our goal has been to deliver out-of-the-box solutions that can help advisors meet their clients' goals despite unpredictable market conditions," says Joseph Barrato, CEO of Arrow Funds. "We credit much of our early success to our strategic partnership with Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA), the subadvisor to the Arrow DWA Balanced Fund and the Arrow DWA Tactical Fund. Leveraging DWA's expertise in technical analysis, we have been able to offer dynamic funds designed to enhance diversification while adapting to changing market conditions."

Since the launch of its flagship fund in 2006, Arrow has expanded its product lineup to include a total of five mutual funds providing exposure to managed futures, commodities and other alternative investment strategies. In addition, the firm serves as subadvisor to five ETFs, including the popular Jefferies TR/J CRB Global Commodity Equity Index Fund (NASDAQ: CRBQ) and the Alerian MLP ETF (NASDAQ: AMLP).

"Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing appetite for investment exposures that do not correlate to the equity and fixed income markets," states Barrato. "We believe that Arrow is uniquely positioned to fulfill this portion of an investment advisor's asset allocation model."

The team at Arrow offers broad industry experience, including a deep background in the creation, management, marketing and distribution of alternative and tactical investment products. The firm's asset management expertise spans mutual funds, variable trust funds, ETFs and wrap programs.

"Having the right people is critical to building a successful company," says Barrato. "We are so very fortunate that we have been able to attract quality talent -- from research and portfolio management to sales and marketing. In addition to their breadth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, Arrow professionals possess a passion for helping our clients succeed." 

About Arrow Investment Advisors and Arrow Funds
Arrow Investment Advisors, LLC, the advisor to Arrow Funds, is an investment management firm dedicated to providing investment solutions, education and research to financial intermediaries. Arrow Funds identifies and develops investment products that seek to enhance returns and mitigate risk. The firm is committed to delivering superior performance while providing the highest level of customer service. To learn more about Arrow Funds, visit www.ArrowFunds.com.

An investor should consider the fund's investment objective, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing or sending money. This and other information about Arrow Funds is contained in the funds' prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 1-877-277-6933. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Arrow Investment Advisors serves as investment advisor to Arrow Funds, distributed through Northern Lights Distributors, LLC (member FINRA). Northern Lights Distributors, LLC and Arrow Investment Advisors are not affiliated entities.

The Arrow DWA Balanced Fund and Arrow DWA Tactical Fund may invest in commodity-related securities, which may be subject to greater volatility than investments in traditional securities. The funds may invest in international and emerging market securities, which may be subject to special risks, including fluctuations in currency, government regulation, differences in accounting standards and liquidity. The funds may invest in small-cap securities, which may have special risks, including wider variations in earnings and business prospects than larger, more established companies. The funds may invest in real estate-related securities, which may be subject to mortgage-related risks and real estate market fluctuations. The funds may invest in fixed income securities, which are subject to risks, including interest rate, credit and inflation risk. The funds are nondiversified as there are a limited number of underlying funds available and each holding has the potential for a greater impact on the fund's return. However, the underlying funds have access to a large number of different investments providing additional diversification benefits. The Arrow DWA Tactical Fund's use of short selling involves increased risks and additional costs. 0478-NLD-3/7/2011