RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - Latin America presents great opportunities for companies looking to speed patient recruitment, according to new findings in Emerging Markets Clinical Development Series: Latin America. Clinical development executives rated Latin America an 8 out of possible 10 when considering patient access. Clinical experts also rated patient retention highly in the region -- 7.7 out of 10.

Meeting Unmet Needs

"Regional infrastructure does not yet meet the needs of many patients for the most effective therapies," said Jason Richardson, president of Cutting Edge Information. "Clinical trials can offer not only access to promising drugs but also regular visits with top physicians in the area."

By working with key physician-investigators across the region, clinical teams have been able to tap into a strong positive tradition of close relationships between patient populations and their doctors. This has enabled both higher patient retention rates and higher quality clinical data.

High Patient Adherence

"Patient adherence is also particularly strong in Latin America," Richardson said. "Patients are more likely to trust and carefully follow the instructions of physicians and thereby maximize the effectiveness of their treatment."

Clinical executives consistently rank patient recruitment and retention as two of the most important factors in a successful clinical trial. The cost to conduct trials often pales in comparison to the value lost due to a trial that cannot meet its recruitment goals on time. Underperforming sites can delay a trial months or years, reducing a drug's patent life and dramatically reducing the lifetime value of a drug before it is even launched. 

Researchers studied thirteen factors influencing trial quality and efficiency, including regulatory concerns, investigator standards, patient access and infrastructure quality. Survey and interview participants shared data about the overall performance of clinical efforts in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and other key Latin American countries.

Supporting Clinical Development Strategy

These executives highlighted several top-level goals and how their Latin American development projects have helped on these fronts:

  • Accelerate patient recruitment and boost retention.
  • Address disease burdens shifting to developed-nation status.
  • Compare costs across potential trial areas.

Researchers discuss the study's key findings online at . For more information about clinical development strategy and tactics, contact Cutting Edge Information at +1 919-403-6583. 

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