SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - Widgetbox today officially changed its name to Flite to acknowledge the company's evolution as a leading Web-based advertising platform that allows brand marketers to leverage real-time Web content to connect with consumers in a more engaging, interactive manner. The branding change marks the final stage of a year-long process in which Flite has worked with dozens of brand name publishers and advertisers to change the face of the online display ad market.

Flite also today announced a $12 Million Series C round of financing [Editor's Note: please see "Flite Closes $12 Million Series C Funding From General Catalyst Partners, Sequoia Capital, Hummer Winblad and NCD Investors."]

"Over the past several years, Widgetbox has been a pioneer in helping make the Web a more interactive, entertaining and fun experience, while helping businesses better monetize their Web properties," said Flite CEO Will Price. "Our platform has evolved to become a powerful way for top brands to deliver a new category of Web ads -- a new standard for how display ads are created, monetized and shared. At Flite, we believe that online ads should be immersive, engaging experiences that excite consumers."

More than one hundred and twenty leading brands have used the Flite platform to deliver their brand experiences across the Web. With twenty-five billion units served, more than one hundred and twenty million monthly uniques, and fifty-five million unique daily events captured by Flite's metrics system, Flite's technology is proven to scale. Flite publishing partners include LinkedIn, Forbes, Yahoo! and CBS Interactive, and brands like Microsoft, L'Oreal, Charles Schwab and Toyota have utilized the Flite platform to deliver their brand experience across the web.

"Flite is really onto something big. Their solution is perfect for brands who are looking to go beyond static display ads," said Brian Monahan, EVP and Managing Partner at IPG Lab. "In real-world multi-client tests, we've compared the engagement, conversion and brand lift results of dynamic and standard display ads and found that Flite's approach consistently outperforms that of disconnected control ads by a wide margin. With Flite, our clients have seen substantial increases in campaign performance thanks to the platform's flexible and interactive features, which arm publishers and advertisers alike with a new level of storytelling."

Flite is changing the way advertisers connect with consumers, resulting in dramatically improved ad performance across tablets, smartphones and computers. Key features of the Flite platform include:

  • Metrics: Industry-leading analytics provide deep insight into campaign performance, all from a central online dashboard.
  • Live Updates: Innovative real-time updates allow you to serve viewers real-time content and dynamically update campaigns mid-flight.
  • Web-Based Builders: Easy-to-use self-service tools make it possible to customize and edit ad creative with little to no technical knowledge -- lowering development costs and decreasing turnaround time.
  • API Integration: API compatibility allows customers to integrate third-party data into your ad creative and include third-party ad-serving systems such as DART and Atlas.
  • Social Content: Incorporate your brand's social media investments into campaigns to engage audiences and deliver a rich website-like experience in-unit.
  • Mobile and Device Delivery: Tablet and mobile-compatible ads allow you to reach audiences across multiple channels including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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Flite is a cloud-based ad platform that enables marketers to improve brand recall and purchase intent by leveraging real-time content. The Flite platform of Web based tools allows marketers to easily produce ads that express the power of their brand as effectively as their brand's own website. With Flite, marketers receive up to a 10x increase in ROI on their brand spend with ads developed in 1/10th the time. For more information, visit:

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