SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - BrightRoll today announced its partnership with Adometry, formerly Click Forensics, to identify and eliminate invalid or potentially fraudulent click behavior that increases advertiser fees. The collaboration provides tremendous visibility into the quality of a publisher's inventory and "reach" by analyzing the validity of each individual click, and uses the information to optimize campaigns and increase conversion rates.

With Adometry's CPC Ad Analytics technology, BrightRoll and the BrightRoll Exchange (BRX) are able to identify click fraud, which is generated from sham automatic click software or human fraudsters. Fraudulent behavior inflates advertising bills by raising cost-per-click (CPC) value and can damage an advertiser's brand through dishonest ad placements and audience visibility. BRX is the only video advertising exchange to offer this service.

"Industry partnerships like BrightRoll and Adometry bring increased transparency and accountability to the online video space. Unfortunately, there are dishonest publishers on the Web, and we have absolutely no interest in supporting their fraudulent tactics. BrightRoll has announced five new partnerships this year alone because we're determined to raise the bar for all players and call out any sites that hinder industry or advertiser performance," said BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti. "With Adometry, we're helping advertisers identify which sites drive the greatest value for their brand, while protecting them from the industry's dishonest publishers."

Additionally, the partnership adds even greater value to the BRX marketplace by ensuring that no fraudulent publishers exist on its network. With greater campaign insight, BrightRoll can optimize conversion rates based on transparent click quality and performance, leading to increased ROI and a greater competitive advantage for advertisers on BRX.

"As video advertising continues to grow in popularity, it is increasingly a target of poor-performing audience sources looking to make a buck off the advertiser and the ad network," said Paul Pellman, CEO of Adometry. "BrightRoll is tackling this issue head-on by carefully monitoring video ad impressions in real-time to ensure clients get what they paid for. We look forward to collaborating with BrightRoll to make sure their clients achieve the best results possible."

Adometry joins a key set of industry partnerships and verification tools like DoubleVerify and AdXpose, which BrightRoll uses to ensure the accuracy and delivery of its ads. Please visit or for more information about campaign transparency and advertising technology.

About BRX
The BrightRoll Exchange (BRX) is the world's premier online video advertising marketplace with thousands of sites and more than 100 million monthly unique viewers. BRX offers buyers access to massive pools of audited, brand-safe inventory, transparent site-lists and advanced audience targeting. BRX provides publishers a convenient and effective way to maximize monetization of their available inventory. For more information visit or read more on the BRX blog.

About Adometry
Adometry, formerly Click Forensics, Inc., provides scoring, auditing, verification, and attribution metrics to optimize results for online advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad networks. Tracking billions of impressions in real-time, reporting on where they appeared, for how long, and to what effect; the Adometry mission is to bring greater levels of transparency and accountability to the online advertising industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Adometry is privately held and backed by Sierra Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University. For more information visit

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