BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 10, 2011) - A new study on Managing Identities and Access: Intelligence and Automation for Higher Scale at Lower Cost published by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), shows that the leading performers in identity and access management (IAM) realize tangible business value in comparison to lagging performers in several important areas, including:

Increased end-user productivity - Timely provisioning and modification of end-user access to existing applications or services can save companies hundreds of dollars per end-user per year in convenience, productivity and downtime. The advantage of leading performers over lagging performers in this area ranged between 60% and 75%.

Reduced risk - Rapid de-provisioning of end-user access, on the other hand, is more about cost avoidance than it is about cost savings. Top performance in this area reduces the window of vulnerability from orphaned accounts and minimizes the potential for downstream misuse. In this area, the advantage of leaders over laggards ranged between 44% and 63%.

Increased agility - Given the dynamic changes in end-user populations and application portfolios, faster time to integrate a new application or integrate a new end-user role with the enterprise's IAM infrastructure translates to flexibility and agility to compete more effectively. In this regard, the leading performers indicated an advantage over lagging performers of between 41% and 63%.

Enhanced security and compliance - In comparison to the lagging performers, the leading performers experienced half the number of incidents of unauthorized access to enterprise resources, half the number of audit deficiencies related to IAM, and one-third the number of data loss or data exposure incidents related to IAM.

Reduced total cost - At an estimated $11.40 per end-user per year for leaders, compared to an estimated $16.40 per end-user per year for laggards, the efficiency of the top performers translates to an impressive annual cost savings of 30%.

"Today's IAM solutions are being transformed from a Y2K-era perception as a tool for IT, to a new role as a critical business enabler," said Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security, Aberdeen Group. "Aberdeen's research shows a discernable shift away from enterprise self-integration of point solutions in favor of vendor-integrated solutions -- along with a greater proportion of IAM capabilities which are able to be achieved by configuration (i.e., out-of-the-box) rather than by customization (e.g., custom coding and services) -- which should accelerate this trend."

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