BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - Fred Ephraim ( recently took the time to sit down with The Examiner, HubPages, and Yahoo! to discuss his most recent novel, Late Bloomer. Ephraim further reveals how his past experiences have sculpted his writings, which contain personal elements in each piece of work. A unique vantage point writer with an eclectic array of vocational and cultural experiences, Ephraim is the author of four novels.

Nicknamed "The Wanderer" at an early age by his siblings for his active imagination, Ephraim was destined to be a storyteller. Escaping his "dirt poor" upbringing in Brooklyn, NY -- first in his mind and later in real life -- his trials have lent the novelist a uniquely intelligent rhythm and tone.

His four literary works -- while set in very varied times, places, and socio-economic climates -- encompass recurring themes such as the unification of family, the resolution of past problems, the challenges of childhood and parenting, and the role of race in relationships.

Ephraim's three previous fictional works include:

- Percy's Plunder -- A story set in South Carolina and West Africa in 1739, details the struggles of two families as they try to right themselves.

- Kelsey's Quest -- Kelsey's Quest is a contemporary story with family strife at its core. The main character, Kelsey, leaves her hometown of Illinois and ventures out to California with her infant twin daughters to find her estranged husband after he returns from the war in Iraq.

- Birds of a Feather -- Set in present time amongst the rich and elite, Birds of a Feather centralizes on an exclusive Manhattan Fifth Avenue apartment building.

His latest offering, Late Bloomer, stands as a novel "that is more about the things we try to forget than to remember." The reader is introduced to Bloomer's main character, Searcher, in a dumpster outside of a New York steakhouse. Searcher does not remember who he is, or how he came to be in his current unpleasant situation. It is a story about family, protection, coping with tragedy, and redemption.

Employing colorful dialogue, lucid imagination in character-driven stories, and mixing insight in life with story-centric acts of intensity and excitement -- this is the author Fred Ephraim.

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