NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - Casale Media Inc., a leading premium online media network, today announced that it has garnered recognition from independent sources for its status as one of the most trusted platforms for advertising online. Casale Media was highly rated in the most recent Digital Advertiser Intelligence Reports from Advertiser Perceptions, where agencies that ran campaigns on its network expressed high satisfaction and marketers reported a strong likelihood to recommend the company to others for advertising. Additionally, DoubleVerify's 2H 2010 Trust Index showed that Casale Media's network, MediaNet, was one of the most compliant and trusted in the industry.

These third-party research pieces support Casale Media's internal survey showing a 98% advertiser renewal rate; February 2011 marked the 13th consecutive month the company has experienced this level of client satisfaction. Casale Media, currently used by eight of the top ten U.S. online display advertisers, continues to cement its status as one of the most trusted and valued online inventory sources for media agencies and their advertising clients. The company has strengthened its position as the go-to ad network for high-value premium inventory where campaigns can be delivered to audiences with precision and scale.

"When we win clients, we keep them. We are delighted to report the strong retention we've experienced over the last year, which validates the ROI and client service we deliver for advertisers," said Joseph Casale, CEO of Casale Media. "More and more leading media agencies and premium brand publishers value Casale Media as a trusted partner. We firmly stand behind our quality and ability to generate scalable results. Advertisers just want solutions that help achieve their specific goals -- brand favorability, new customer acquisition, or other -- and Casale Media can meet these goals better than anyone else."

Below are details of Casale Media's recent accolades and achievements:

  • DoubleVerify 2H 2010 Trust Index: Casale Media named one of the top performing trusted ad networks from July to December 2010 based on analysis from benchmarks of networks' non-compliance.
  • Advertiser Perceptions Digital Advertiser Intelligence Reports Fall 2010: Agencies who worked with Casale Media expressed above average satisfaction and marketers reported a strong likelihood to recommend Casale Media for advertising to their media agencies. The Advertiser Perceptions report surveys thousands of leading advertisers in the United States to gather opinions and perceptions of the media brands and networks they are considering for advertising in the next six months.
  • In its eighth year of profitability, Casale Media experienced more than a 30% employee increase in the past year with expansion into six North American cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal and New York.

Casale Media is proud to be a strategic partner for both agencies and marketers. Recently the company aligned with The Nielsen Company to help advertisers more accurately identify and reach their audiences online. The alliance provides Casale Media clients with the ability to not only reach household segments using Nielsen PRIZM Digital, but identify which segments they should be reaching through its groundbreaking research integration with The Nielsen Company, MRI and Polk.

About Casale Media

Casale Media® is redefining the standard for online media quality, ad delivery management, and media optimization technologies. Its premium advertising network is a clean, brand-safe media environment that is used by 8 of the top 10 U.S. online display advertisers, and the top ten U.S. media agencies. At the forefront of interactive marketing, the company seamlessly integrates survey, panel and actual product consumption data from leading market researchers (Nielsen, MRI, Polk and comScore) to make it easy for advertisers to reach their best customers quickly and at scale. Casale Media obtains quality inventory from 3,000 actively monitored premium publishers, thereby generating the highest long-term CPMs without compromising publishers' brands. The company delivers more than 30 billion ads monthly to precisely targeted audiences across its platform.

Generating measurable success for all stakeholders in media and marketing, Casale Media is guided by its dedication to needs based development and its quality focused culture. More information is available at

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