SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - Birst, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service solutions for business intelligence (SaaS BI) and analytics, today announced that Dinovite, a provider of nutritional supplements and other pet products, is using marketing campaign reporting and analysis provided by Birst to improve campaign targeting and better allocate marketing resources.

"As our company grew and our marketing activities expanded, we needed to be able to more accurately measure campaign effectiveness," said Cindy Lukacevic, Co-Founder, Dinovite. "Now, with Birst, we can calculate our marketing return on investment, and give our employees the information they need to maximize our marketing results."

Using Birst, Dinovite is now better able to evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing activities and, as a result, make more informed decisions about the targeting, content, timing, and location of future campaigns. In recognition of its marketing effectiveness, Dinovite received the 2010 "Rookie of the Year" Markie Award. The award honors Dinovite for quickly mastering marketing disciplines that include messaging, segmentation, data management, and strategic alignment, and then pairing that expertise with excellent planning, execution, and automation.

Dinovite is also using Birst to track product sales and returns, simplifying the company's inventory management process. Before Birst, tracking sales of individual products sold as part of a bundle was a very time-consuming process. Now, Birst users can easily view sales by product, as well as "snapshots" comparing sales month over month and year over year. Dashboards provide the ability to drill-down for additional detail.

Dinovite helps owners improve the health of their pets by providing via the Internet natural products of the highest quality. The company's early marketing efforts focused on radio advertising in one or two markets and results were easily linked to recent campaigns. Later campaigns expanded to include concurrent radio advertising in multiple markets, social media, Internet advertising, direct mail, and events. With this expansion came the need to determine the results of individual marketing activities in order to better target campaigns, fine-tune messaging, and optimize the use of marketing resources. In an attempt to satisfy the company's reporting needs, Dinovite's IT team initially built reports using Microsoft Access. However, the system was too complicated for non-IT users. In keeping with its philosophy of freeing internal resources to focus on the company's core business, Dinovite next selected a third-party, on-demand BI solution provided by Birst.

Moving forward, Dinovite plans to further fine-tune its marketing efforts by combining Birst's capabilities with Eloqua, a marketing automation platform. Dinovite will use Eloqua to execute email marketing campaigns that include personalized offers and messaging based on customer buying history and demographic information provided through Birst.

"The reporting needs of rapidly expanding companies often quickly outstrip the capabilities of their existing systems," said Brad Peters, CEO of Birst. "That's why we provide a highly scalable, on-demand solution that can easily and affordably expand to keep pace with a fast-growing business."

About Dinovite
Dinovite helps pet owners by providing natural solutions for pets that provide dramatic improvements in their health. Dinovite's all natural and organic products are the healthy alternatives to steroids and harsh treatments for itchy skin, excess shedding, weight issues, yeast issues and other health issues due to nutritional deficiencies, chemical-based shampoos and flea treatments. Dinovite has been helping pets since 2001 and is headquartered in Crittenden, KY. Dinovite sells all of its products from their website at Dinovite offers a free Custom Health Report for your pet. Email or call 859-428-1000.

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