CERRITOS, CA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) - Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., the developer of the LANAP® protocol for the treatment of gum disease and the manufacturer of the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser, was recognized for its outstanding contribution to the local economy through the City of Cerritos Business Recognition Program. Drs. Robert H. Gregg II and Delwin K. McCarthy, founders of Millennium Dental Technologies, were acknowledged with a proclamation on January 13, 2011 by Mayor Joseph Cho, Ph.D. at the Cerritos City Council Chambers.

"Our patented laser treatment for gum disease, the LANAP® protocol, is a less painful, less invasive treatment alternative to the industry standard cut-and-sew surgery. With more than 85 percent of the U.S. adult population suffering from gum disease and only 3 percent seeking treatment, we are proud to be recognized for providing an innovative solution that's advancing patient acceptance rates," says Dr. Robert H. Gregg II, DDS, co-founder, president and chairman of the board of Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., and president of the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD). "We see no better place to accomplish this important work than right here in Los Angeles County -- our home base for more than a decade."

Evidencing the company's strong commitment to bolstering the local economy and contributing to community welfare, Millennium Dental Technologies was recognized for its successes in the creation of local jobs; as well as its dedication to local manufacturing and sourcing; generous community service programs; and regular contributions to local tourism revenues.

Since 1999, Millennium Dental Technologies has experienced steady growth, despite an unstable economy. Starting out with just two employees, the company has created numerous regional job opportunities, and currently employs more than 40 local staff members.

Millennium Dental Technologies' signature digital dental laser for the treatment of gum disease -- the PerioLase® MVP-7™ -- is manufactured in Cerritos. It is a certified "Made in America" product -- meaning that the company supports local businesses and manufacturers by 100 percent local construction and sourcing of component parts.

Also, as a service to the community, each year Millennium Dental Technologies' training arm -- the IALD -- treats approximately 100 patients suffering from moderate to advanced gum disease using the LANAP® protocol at no cost to the patient, public or community. This equates to about $750,000 in free dental treatment provided to the community annually.

The unique training program also brings in more than 40 dentists per month who visit Cerritos with their spouses and families, and stay in area hotels (totaling about 120 hotel stays per month.) These visiting doctors and their guests further support the local economy by dining at area restaurants, using local transportation, and taking advantage of Los Angeles County theme parks, entertainment venues, performing arts and cultural exhibitions. This generates community income and adds to the area tax revenue base.

Over the past decade, Millennium Dental Technologies' treatment and training programs have put Cerritos on the map. Two million patients around the world have been treated with the LANAP® protocol, and Millennium Dental Technologies and its founders believe the contributions to the health and welfare of patients globally reflects positively on the Cerritos and Los Angeles County Area.

"Since 1999, Millennium Dental Technologies has dedicated itself to spreading awareness of gum disease, providing patient-friendly treatment options, and serving the community with the best care possible," shared Dr. Delwin McCarthy, DDS, co-founder and chief technology officer for Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. and vice president of the IALD. "Our company has become a mainstay in Cerritos, and we hope to remain a staple in the city's economy as we continue to foster better clinical outcomes in periodontal disease patients on a global level."

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED LASER DENTISTRY (IALD): The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry is a non-profit educational and research center dedicated to providing evidence-based clinical training in advanced laser dentistry therapies. Formed in 1999 by dentists Robert H. Gregg II and Delwin K. McCarthy, the IALD is both ADA CERP and AGD PACE accredited, and is nationally recognized for its continuing education (CE) programs. With more than 20 certified instructors who train dental professionals in laser dentistry techniques including the LANAP® protocol, the IALD aims to reach more underserved patients with gum disease who have avoided therapy out of fear. To that end, the organization provides free treatment to qualified patients who can benefit from the no-cut, no-sew, no-fear LANAP® protocol -- providing about $750,000 in free dental services each year. The IALD's ultimate goal is for the percentage of patients seeking treatment for periodontitis to reach the percentage of patients seeking general dental care. For more information, please visit www.theiald.com.

ABOUT MILLENNIUM DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Headquartered in Cerritos, Calif., Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., is the developer of the LANAP® protocol for the treatment of gum disease and the manufacturer of the PerioLase® MVP-7 digital dental laser. By providing a simple and comfortable experience with unique bone-building clinical results, MDT's FDA-cleared and patented LANAP protocol removes the fear from gum disease treatment, offering a vastly less painful and less invasive regenerative treatment alternative to conventional scalpel/suture flap surgery; its PerioLase® MVP-7 is a 6-watt free-running variable pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser featuring digital technology and 7 pulse durations -- the most available on the market -- giving it the power and versatility to perform a wide range of soft- and hard-tissue laser procedures. Established in 1990, the company's founding clinicians, Robert H. Gregg, II, D.D.S., and Delwin K. McCarthy, D.D.S., continue to operate the company with a shared vision and purpose: To create better clinical outcomes in periodontal disease patients -- and to remain true to the guiding principle -- "It's all about the patient." For more information, visit www.LANAP.com.

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