NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) -  10gen, the company that develops and supports the open source database MongoDB, today announced version 1.8 of the scalable data store. The latest version of MongoDB adds several new features, including journaling that allows for fast recovery in the case of a crash, support for covered and sparse indexes, and incremental map/reduce. In addition to these new features, 10gen continued to invest in MongoDB's performance and scale-out capabilities, with numerous improvements to replication and sharding in the newest release.

"With thousands of production deployments, we're getting more and more requests for features like journaling and covered indexes," said Dwight Merriman, CEO and Co-Founder of 10gen. "1.8 delivers on the needs of our community and customers, and demonstrates the continued maturity of the product."

In version 1.8, MongoDB supports write-ahead journaling to facilitate fast crash recovery and durability in the storage engine. With journaling enabled, MongoDB can be quickly restarted following a crash without needing to repair the collections.

"The relational model isn't for everybody. There are many use cases in which document-oriented data stores like MongoDB make loads of sense," said Curt Monash, President of Monash Research. "It's good to see the MongoDB product line continue to mature."

MongoDB is an open source, high performance, non-relational database. It is the leading technology in the NoSQL space, with downloads exceeding 100,000/month. Fortune 500 companies as well as internet companies like foursquare,, IGN, and SourceForge use MongoDB to deliver innovative large-scale applications.

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10gen develops MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the database. The focus of MongoDB is to combine the best traits of the non-relational or "NoSQL" model, including high scalability, performance, and ease of development, with important features common in traditional databases, such as dynamic queries and indexes. 10gen is funded by Flybridge Capital Partners, Union Square Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. For more information, visit or

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