DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) - Rmax Operating, LLC, a Dallas-based, U.S.-owned manufacturer of polyiso building insulation, announced today that its TSX-8500 thermal insulation product has been tested to exceed the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association 285 standard.

The NFPA 285 test determines the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies. A product passes the test by sufficiently resisting flame propagation vertically or laterally beyond an acceptable distance from the flame source on or within the wall assembly. The Rmax TSX-8500 product successfully passed the test. 

"This is a significant break-through for our TSX-8500 product," said Laurie Hill, Rmax Vice President-Technical. "It means that this insulation effectively satisfies IBC requirements for use on exterior building walls of any height, while also satisfying the continuous insulation requirements of the IECC and ASHRAE 90.1."

According to the IBC, exterior walls of Type I, II, III or IV construction of any height that contain foam plastic insulation require additional fire testing. Rmax TSX-8500 now satisfies the requirement, in addition to being one of the most energy-efficient exposed products for use in metal buildings and other light commercial applications.

"With the push for continuous insulation growing among code enforcement authorities, we expect our NFPA 285 designation to increase demand for TSX-8500 insulation," Ms. Hill said.

Rmax TSX-8500 is a rigid, foam plastic, thermal insulation composed of environmentally sound, closed-cell, polyisocyanurate foam bonded to a glass fiber reinforced 1.5 mil aluminum foil facer on the exposed side of the board. In addition to exterior walls, it is also suitable for basement and interior walls, agricultural, post frame, cold storage and other specialty applications. The product has been UL1715 tested and is available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

For more information on TSX-8500 insulation or final reports on the NFPA 285 test, please contact Rmax Technical Services in Dallas, Texas at 972-387-4500 or email rmax@rmax.com. Rmax can be found on the worldwide web at www.rmax.com.

Contact Information:

Laurie Hill
Vice President-Technical
Rmax Operating, LLC
972-387-4500, Ext. 106