Sell My Timeshare NOW and Partner, Bringing Liquidity to the Timeshare Resale Market

DOVER, NH--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - Sell My Timeshare NOW, the global leader in timeshare resales and rentals, announces it is partnering with to offer an industry-first, consumer financing program for the purchase of timeshare on the secondary market. Consumers will soon be able to apply online for financing when buying a timeshare resale at or Timeshare Broker Services.

Jason Tremblay, the company's founder and CEO, says, "For timeshare resellers, insufficient funding options have significantly hamstrung the growth of the industry. Through our partnership with, we will be able to remove that obstacle and bring the secondary timeshare market a much-needed source of affordable financing to drive sales."

" is the leader in the worldwide timeshare reseller market, estimated at nearly a billion dollars," said Chris Larsen, Propser's founder and CEO, who previously co-founded and built E-LOAN into what was heralded as one of the most trusted consumer brands. "We are pleased to be able to bring the affordable financing of our peer-to-peer marketplace to the timeshare reseller industry through our partnership with and Timeshare Broker Services."

Timeshares on the resale market can be bought either directly from the current owner or through a timeshare broker, and are often purchased for substantially less than (sometimes as much as 60 percent below) what they sell for when purchased directly from a developer. Until now, there were few opportunities for financing timeshare resales, preventing many consumers from taking advantage of the resale price breaks. and will offer a dedicated webpage where interested timeshare buyers can complete a short application form online and then obtain an instant conditional loan approval.

Jason Tremblay adds, "Many people are comfortable with and prefer to shop for timeshare and timeshare resales online. They can control the process rather than feel they are being 'sold to' during a timeshare sales presentation. Adding an online timeshare resale financing application is a logical step that makes it easier for consumers to bypass the timeshare sales presentation and avoid paying developer pricing. Consumers will have access to a source for financing a timeshare resale and owners looking to sell their timeshares should find reselling timeshare easier as financing creates a level of liquidity that previously was nonexistent. The industry as a whole should see a decline in buyer apprehension."

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Averaging more than 2 million pageviews per month, Sell My Timeshare NOW provides internet advertising and marketing solutions for timeshare owners seeking to sell or rent timeshare while offering timeshare buyers and timeshare renters competitively priced vacation ownership and rental opportunities. The company offers timeshare brokerage through Timeshare Broker Services and is headquartered in Dover, NH with offices in Orlando, FL.

About Prosper

Prosper, the largest per-to-peer marketplace with over 1,050,000 members and over $223,000,000 in funded loans, was co-founded by Chris Larsen, co-founder of E-LOAN. Prosper is backed by financial and technology luminaries including, Jim Breyer of Accel Partners; Bob Kagle of Benchmark Capital; CompuCredit; Omidyar Network; Capital One Co-founder Nigel Morris of QED Investors; Court Coursey of TomorrowVentures; and Larry Cheng of Volition Capital.

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