STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on business performance management (BPM) solutions, today announced 52% growth in the close of its current fiscal quarter compared to the same period last year. The business performance industry itself is seeing increased momentum as companies put their performance management "houses in order" as they look toward recovery. The firm had 38 paid client engagements over the last year with over 100 project interactions.

"In addition to an increase in our number of clients, we are also seeing a wider range of companies interested in learning more about business performance management," said Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners. "During this period our clients ranged from technology startups to nonprofits to regional banks to large financial investment houses."

Value for Clients
By working with BPM Partners, customers get access to a comprehensive, rapid and cost-effective BPM methodology. BPM Partners helps document project requirements, develop a detailed roadmap, select the optimal technology, and successfully deploy the chosen solution.

"We had an aggressive timeline which without the help from BPM Partners we may not have been able to meet," said Roger Reiling, vice president and controller, Johnson Bank. "BPM Partners provided the expert guidance, structured process, and valuable vendor insights and relationships we needed to meet our timeline and feel confident with the end result."

The Holy Grail of Performance Management
BPM Partners consultants are also helping companies understand and achieve "The Holy Grail of BPM", the integration of financial, strategic and operational performance management. Today's Holy Grail of business performance management includes:

1. The strategic aspect of BPM, including long-range planning/modeling, key performance measures or dashboards.

2. The financial aspect of BPM, including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and reporting.

3. The operational aspect is performance analytics for distributed business units/functions. (Business intelligence technologies are often deployed to support these operational areas.)

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More than half the companies participating in the 2011 BPM Pulse survey aspire to an integrated approach to performance management but only 20 percent have an actual plan in place to accomplish this. Schiff commented, "We'd like to see companies of all sizes and in multiple industries understand the Holy Grail's benefits and be able to make an informed judgment on whether it is right for them."

About BPM Partners
BPM Partners is the leading independent authority on business performance management (BPM) and business intelligence solutions. The company helps organizations address their budgeting, planning, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, profitability optimization, key performance indicator (KPI) development, and operational performance challenges with vendor-neutral experts who can guide companies through their BPM initiatives from start to finish while both reducing risk and minimizing costs. BPM Partners has specialized packages that lead clients through project justification, requirements definition, vendor selection and deployment of departmental or enterprise-wide BPM or business intelligence (BI) systems. For further details, go to

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