FAIRFAX, VA--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - The Alembic Foundation today announced that it will host the inaugural Aurion Community Town Hall Meeting on April 12 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET. Aurion is an open source project focused on achieving health IT interoperability using nationally-recognized standards, and it will be the first open source project chartered by the Alembic Foundation. This initial Aurion Community Town Hall Meeting will serve as a forum for the community to come together to reach consensus on how the community wants to define itself and govern the Aurion Project. 

The event will be held as a conference call and Webinar. To register for the Webinar, go to http://alembicfoundation.org/about_us/events_speaking/webinar-04-12-11.

"I would like to encourage everyone interested in participating in Aurion to attend this kick off meeting," said David Riley, president of the Alembic Foundation. "We're going to be discussing and deciding upon the foundational elements of the community, and we'd like input from as many people as possible to ensure the project is inclusive of the needs of everyone involved. If as a community we build Aurion right, using the right principles, it will impact technology vendors, care givers, states, federal agencies and others. That's why we'd like to have as broad a spectrum of organizations at the table from the very beginning to make sure we get this right."

The Aurion Community is open to any and all who would like to participate, and during the town hall, the community will be asked to determine the answers to critical questions for the project, including:

  • What will be the purpose of the project (e.g., achieve interoperability using Nationwide Health Information Network standards, etc.)?
  • Will the organization be member based, and what does that mean (e.g., will members be individuals, organizations or both)?
  • Will there be a membership agreement?
  • Does Aurion register members or can people participate without registration?
  • How will the project be governed (e.g., board of governors, management committees, advisory boards, etc.)?
  • What will be the rules of engagement for those who will be writing and contributing code, requirements, testing, documentation, etc.?

The town hall will be a facilitated meeting with a published agenda. The Alembic Foundation encourages those attending to come prepared to roll up your sleeves. Think through the questions/issues in advance and attend ready to make your opinion known. 

After the Webinar, once the community has reached consensus on key issues, the Alembic Foundation's leadership will present the findings of the group to the Alembic Foundation Board of Directors. At that point, the project will be formally chartered and fully open for participation.

Developers that are interested in learning more about the project in advance of the Aurion Community Town Hall Meeting can visit the developer section of the Aurion Project at http://development.aurionproject.org/sf/projects/aurion.

About the Alembic Foundation

The Alembic Foundation is a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) dedicated to promoting transformation through disruptive innovation using open processes in open communities to create open technologies that are contributed to the public commons. We aim to make those technologies readily available for use by any and all who want to improve their lives, creating a better future for themselves and others by becoming first class citizens in a services-driven, networked information economy.

For more information about the Alembic Foundation, please visit www.alembicfoundation.org.

About the Aurion Project

Aurion is an open source health information exchange platform that implements the Nationwide Health Information Network standard services and specifications. Aurion is the first project chartered through the Alembic Foundation. It builds upon Aurion's direct ancestor, the multi-award winning CONNECT program built by FHA, to enable the secure exchange of interoperable health information among diverse organizations using a wide variety of technologies. Organizations implementing Aurion as a part of their health information exchange strategy gain the benefits of implementing nationally-recognized standards that enable data exchange with federal agencies as well as with numerous other health IT stakeholders.

Contact Information:

Vanessa Manchester
Alembic Foundation
(571) 354-6741