TORONTO, ONTARIO, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA and NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - The Laurel Hill Advisory Group ("Laurel Hill") congratulates Total Telcom Inc. ("Total") on attaining record shareholder support for their board of directors during a proxy contest against dissident shareholders attempting to take control. 

Shareholder meetings continue to be utilised as a battleground between management and dissident shareholders, often highlighting differing views of corporate direction. Contests for control of the board represent one of the most challenging situations a corporation will face, as the outcome often has a critical impact on its leadership and strategic direction. Similar to a complex merger/acquisition, the stakes are extremely high and having the right team in place can positively influence the outcome.

 "The Laurel Hill team congratulates Total's board of directors, and Chief Executive Officer Neil Magrath, on their highly effective efforts in communicating and educating shareholders on the critical issues in a very brief timeframe, while continuing to focus on the day to day business" commented David Salmon, Senior Vice-President of Laurel Hill. "Based on the voting results, it's clear Total's shareholders were confident in their determination that their interests were best served by the incumbent board." 

Neil Magrath, CEO and Director stated, "Laurel Hill's experience and expertise were crucial in effectively communicating our message to our shareholders, and driving the record level of voting results." 

With this latest client win, Laurel Hill extends their undefeated 2010 record in proxy contests for control of the board.

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