BELMONT, CA--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) - Vyatta, the leader in software-based networking for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, today announced the availability of three new mid-range routing and security appliances aimed at delivering complete edge connectivity and data protection for small to mid-sized enterprises and branch offices. The Vyatta 2600, 1600 and 600 series network appliances couple the award winning Vyatta Network OS with multi-core Intel® processors. The new appliances offer significant performance increases over mid-range routing and security devices from traditional vendors, including up to more than three times the performance of the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2).

"Vyatta appliances provide the power and functionality that we rely on from our core routers, which are a key component in expanding our global footprint of WiMax deployments," said Eric Goforth, Global IT Director at Craig Wireless. "Our customers require exceptional uptime and anywhere, anytime availability -- Vyatta delivers both with premium performance at an easily digestible price point."

Vyatta has been disrupting the networking industry since 2006 with a software-based alternative to proprietary networking solutions. Treating layer 3 networking as a platform-independent application enables Vyatta to deliver enterprise-grade connectivity and security solutions as software, virtual machines and x86 based appliances to address physical network edge, virtual datacenter and cloud computing needs. Vyatta's new hardware appliance products are an extension of its next generation software that pair the latest Intel multi-core technology and off-the-shelf systems to deliver market-leading performance.

"This upgrade to our appliance product family once again highlights the benefits of an open systems approach to networking. A simple product revision in a two year span nets Vyatta users up to 40 percent performance increase with no impact to cost," said Tom McCafferty, Vice President of Marketing at Vyatta. "The myth of custom hardware and hardware acceleration requirements in mid-range networking has been busted. Thousands of Vyatta users around the world enjoy the increasing power of x86-based server platforms making them ideal systems for next generation physical, virtual, and cloud network connectivity and security."

"Packet processing performance on Intel® architecture has improved with recent architectural improvements and software optimizations," said Ed Dylag, segment marketing manager, Routers and Switches at Intel Corporation. "Software-based networking solutions like Vyatta are an excellent example of the type of networking services that Intel's next generation multi-core technology is enabling."

Vyatta 2600
Vyatta 2600 appliances are designed to connect and secure mid-sized enterprise and hosted environments requiring high-performance routing and security and flexible port density. The Vyatta 2600 platform is a high-performance, modular architecture that employs standard x86-based multicore processors to support Vyatta's advanced routing and security functionality and meet the demands of the growing enterprise.

Hardware/Performance Highlights:

  • LAN density (8 onboard 1GbE interfaces)
  • WAN Connectivity (DSL,T1/E1)
  • Two PCIe Expansion slot for additional WAN/LAN interfaces
  • Layer 3 forwarding - 1,400,000pps
  • VPN Forwarding Max 500 Mbps
  • Max VPN Tunnels 4000

Vyatta 1600
Vyatta 1600 appliances provide complete routing and network protection for small to medium enterprise and branch office connectivity requiring limited expansion capabilities.

Hardware/Performance Highlights:

  • LAN Connectivity - 6 x 1GbE, 1 x FE
  • WAN Connectivity (DSL,T1/E1)
  • One PCIe Expansion slot
  • Layer 3 forwarding - 600,000pps
  • VPN Forwarding Max 400 Mbps
  • Max VPN Tunnels 2000

Vyatta 600
The Vyatta 600 offers complete enterprise-class routing and network security in a high-performance small form-factor hardware platform for small office and branch office environments without a dedicated server or telecom room.

Hardware/Performance Highlights:

  • LAN Connectivity - 6 x 1GbE
  • Layer 3 forwarding - 250,000pps
  • VPN Forwarding Max 150 Mbps
  • Max VPN Tunnels 1000

About Vyatta
Vyatta is disrupting the networking industry by delivering a software-based network operating system that is portable to standard x86 hardware as well as common virtualization and cloud computing platforms. Vyatta software provides a complete enterprise-class routing and security suite capable of uniquely addressing the next-generation infrastructure requirements of flexibility, on-demand delivery and platform independence. Thousands of physical and virtual infrastructures around the world, from small enterprise to Fortune 500 customers, are connected and protected by Vyatta. For more information, please visit Read Vyatta CEO Kelly Herrell's Blog "Opening The Networking Industry" and follow Vyatta on Twitter: @Vyatta.

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