SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) - SocialMoms, the online network for social-media savvy moms, has partnered with cloud-based ad platform Flite (formerly Widgetbox), the leader in audience engagement and digital marketing solutions, to power its custom high-impact, rich-media ad units for its growing list of leading brand advertisers.

"We chose Flite to power our Social Impact rich media ad solutions because they make it easy for us to integrate social content into engaging online experiences," said Megan Calhoun, CEO and Founder of "Flite's technology allows us to integrate brand and interactive social content feeds directly into a single unit to deliver the kind of superior engagement rates and performance metrics our premium advertisers deserve and expect."

SocialMoms was recently approached by Haworth Marketing + Media for an integrated social media campaign for Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day cleaning products. SocialMoms leveraged Flite to create its customized rich media "Social Impact Ad units" to maximize consumer engagement and impact, driving traffic to Mrs. Meyer's website and the brand's Facebook fan page.

The content and composition of these ad units included streams of fresh, moderated content from the SocialMoms community, which is active on Twitter and Facebook. It also included brand videos and other interactive elements. As a result, the Social Impact Ad units drove extremely high engagement rates over a 30-day period, with specific results including:

  • Exceptional Time-on-Unit: The average consumer spent 30 seconds interacting with the unit -- 2.6x the industry benchmark of 11 seconds.
  • Extremely High Engagement Rates: Sustained "hovers" averaged 20.27% -- 3.4x better than the industry benchmark of 6%.
  • High Effective Click-Through Rate (eCTR): In total, the units produced an effective CTR (eCTR) of 3.54% -- 23.6x better than the industry benchmark of 0.15%. For the oversized 800x250 Social Impact units, this equates to needing to serve up nearly 33x the number of impressions to generate that many "clicks" from a standard flash ad unit.

"Working with Flite allows us to offer exceptional results for premium advertisers and innovate beyond what our competitors can do with display ads. We've found that consumers prefer engaging with relevant, content-rich units to learn about products and interact with brands," said Calhoun. "With the Social Impact units we've created with Flite, we're helping brands reach and impact people with an in-site brand experience just by hovering over an ad, so they never have to leave the website they're on. The fact that you can capture attention and full brand engagement for 30+ seconds to deliver authentic, identifiable social content is really what is important to both advertisers and the consumers they are trying to reach."

"SocialMoms engages its community of online influencers in brand campaigns in an innovative way that is perfectly aligned with our own approach," said Will Price, CEO of Flite. "This is a great example of how we are innovating with each partner and catering to their specific needs, enabling them to in turn create customizable ad units that allow consumers to spend more time interacting with their brands. By embedding the Web's richness and social interactivity within ads themselves, we're creating a whole new approach for publishers and advertisers to measure, scale, report against and, most importantly, have a meaningful impact with their campaigns."

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