BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) -  GlobeNet, an international wholesale provider of submarine capacity, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Oi (BOVESPA: TNLP3) (BOVESPA: TNLP4) (BOVESPA: TMAR3) (BOVESPA: TMAR5) (BOVESPA: TMAR6) (NYSE: TNE), announces today that it offers financial markets the lowest latency Express route between the Americas. Leveraging its more than 22,000 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cable connecting the Americas, GlobeNet delivers ultra-fast and reliable international capacity from New York, New York to Sao Paulo, Brazil with average round trip latency of 110 milliseconds.

Financial market firms such as hedge funds, brokers, market data providers and Exchanges are all vying to obtain the fastest, most reliable connectivity in order to conduct faster trades and financial transactions. In this highly competitive marketplace, the time it takes for a financial trade to be made -- often within milliseconds -- can mean the difference in millions of dollars gained or lost.

GlobeNet's diverse international capacity connects key financial cities, enabling fast access to Wall Street, BM&F Bovespa (Sao Paulo), along with Exchanges in Chicago and Toronto. With fast service activation turnaround and a ring-protected subsea network availability in excess of 99.99%, its high-availability cable network is an optimal solution for carriers that are building out global networks for their financial clients.

"We are seeing tremendous growth in the Latin American region for high-speed, high capacity networks in order to reach the financial community," states Antonio Belli, Director of Marketing and Sales of GlobeNet. "As a wholesale provider delivering services to carriers and service providers, our low latency capacity coupled with our regional know-how further drives competitive advantages to our clients; our clients can then pass on these advantages to the financial companies they serve."

GlobeNet's industry leading submarine network is fully redundant and is delivered over a dual ring-protected, fiber optic cable system serving Bermuda, Brazil, Colombia, United States and Venezuela.

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GlobeNet provides international capacity services between North and South America over a dual ring-protected, fiber optic submarine cable system serving Bermuda, Brazil, Colombia, U.S.A., and Venezuela. The network spans more than 22,000 kilometers and offers a network availability of 99.99%. GlobeNet with its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida and USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Brazilian Oi (that acquired Brasil Telecom).

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