TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - After 30 years of practicing family medicine and working as an emergency medicine doctor, Stephanie Bien, D.O., found a major gap in healthcare when it comes to men. She launched Executive Med-Club of Tampa earlier this year to provide men with customized wellness programs that were seemingly non-existent in traditional healthcare settings, and works with patients as a professional partner towards finding answers to specific age-related dilemmas and diseases.

"The top three health issues that men complain about once they hit their 40s is fatigue, irritability and loss of workplace productivity," says Dr. Bien. "Most traditional doctors will say these are just symptoms of aging, but the problem is they don't provide men with an action plan leaving many to think that this is an inevitable fate. But if you can pinpoint the root cause of the issue there's actually a lot you can do to circumvent the slow-down symptoms."

Through a very elaborate series of in-depth diagnostic testing (the full evaluation takes six hours), Dr. Bien is able to help men discover the problems behind their memory loss, irritability, loss of energy, weight gain or low sex drive and develop a plan that is personalized for their genetic makeup and personality. Most of the programs at Executive Med-Club involve a specific nutrition and exercise plan, supplementation protocol and hormone optimization regimen.

"Most traditional medical approaches focus exclusively on disease treatment, while at the other extreme fitness clubs focus on prevention only through exercise and nutrition," says Dr. Bien. "Executive Med-Club is a hybrid healthcare program that merges traditional medical expertise with cutting-edge preventative strategies. There isn't one program or diagnosis that will work for every man, which is why our customized approach has proven to be highly successful for patients."

Executive Med-Club has more than 100 patients in the Tampa Bay area. Dr. Bien says it is proof that men are an overlooked group when it comes to age-management healthcare.

"Aging for women is more identifiable than it is for men. Women know they have options and there isn't anything taboo about a woman supplementing her hormone loss," says Dr. Bien. "But men lose hormones too starting as early as age 30, and for some reason they are expected to tough it out. Most men don't even know that they are severely deficient in testosterone leading to a list of problems including weight gain, moodiness, low sex drive, depression, fatigue, short-term memory loss and sleep disturbances."

Approximately 13 million American men experience testosterone deficiency and less than 10 percent receive treatment. Low testosterone has also been linked to the increase in heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Executive Med-Club of Tampa is a first-of-its-kind medical practice in the Bay Area that caters specifically to age-management healthcare for men. Dr. Bien says most patients experience changes in energy levels, mood and confidence within as little as two to three days, while many of her patients experience dramatic results to body composition and mental acuity within a few months. For a consultation call 813-388-6865 or visit:
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