EDISON, NJ--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - StrikeForce Technologies (OTCQB: SFOR) (PINKSHEETS: SFOR), an innovator in the prevention of online Identity Theft and Data Breaches for industry and consumers utilizing its patent pending protection protocols, today released information indicating that the unprecedented hack and theft of more than 10 million email addresses from email marketing industry leader Epsilon, was caused by a type of advanced threat known as "keylogging." StrikeForce's keystroke encryption software -- GuardedID® -- is designed specifically to keep this type of hack and theft from happening.

Other stunning hacks and theft of data in the past few months, including from Hartford Insurance, Heartland Payment Systems and the compromising of the SecureID token process at RSA (considered the industry's de facto security standard for many of the globe's largest corporate users), were also likely "keylogger" and "Spyware" hacks.

"In the past week, we've probably all received emails from our credit card companies, banks and other online vendors about our email addresses being stolen as a result of this Epsilon breach," said Mark L. Kay, StrikeForce Technology's CEO. "Our GuardedID software, which encrypts keystroke data, is designed to render these types of intrusions irrelevant. We are experiencing a dramatic upswing in the number of calls we are fielding as people become more aware of our current activities and successes in the banking, healthcare and insurance industries."

Keystrokes are captured when hackers surreptitiously record, or "log" keystroke data from a computer keyboard that has been infected with keylogging malware. This malware is loaded onto the unsuspecting user's computer when they are duped into opening an email or going to a fake website (this is known as "phishing" or when more targeted to specific users "spearphishing") that automatically loads this virus onto their system. Once the keylogging software is secretly installed, it records the keystrokes and by monitoring logins and password entry, the hacker can then gain access to the protected areas and subsystems of large data networks.

ComputerWorld, in an article published April 7, 2011, cites sources indicating that the Epsilon breach came as a result of a well-coordinated phishing "campaign that utilized Win32.BlkIC.IMG, which disabled anti-virus software, a Trojan keylogger called iStealer, which was used to steal passwords, and an administration tool called CyberGate, which is used to gain complete remote control of compromised systems."

Given the wealth of data and its sheer monetary value in the global black market, this is an extremely target-rich environment for hackers, and sophisticated phishing attempts and keylogging insertion has become one of the most active areas for criminal hacking. Since businesses depend on open and thriving two way communications, whether it is via email, social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, placing and receiving orders online, visiting websites, or basic information gathering, employees are the weakest link because any of these communications and links can be turned into a direct conduit for spyware.

"In the case of Epsilon and RSA, it appears that the intended victims of these 'spearphishing' attacks were the employees of these major data protection services themselves," said George Waller, StrikeForce's CTO. "If the 'pros' can get scammed by the various hacks, then we all can. We need to be proactive to protect ourselves, and demand that our data protection centers and the corporations that use them immediately take steps to protect against keylogging hacks. StrikeForce's keystroke encryption software, GuardedID® is designed specifically to render keylogger attacks moot."

To download our White Paper on protecting yourself and your business against Keylogging hacks, visit: StrikeForce Guarded ID Whitepaper on Keylogger Protection

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