LONDON and REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 14, 2011) -


  • Zuora, the subscription billing and commerce leader with its expansive international growth, today announced that Jimdo, the Hamburg, Germany-based website builder, has standardized on Zuora's Subscription Commerce Platform to expand into 11 new markets from Japan to Europe to the United States and South America. This validates that the Subscription Economy is a global phenomenon.
  • Jimdo has pioneered services to help small businesses and individuals to create, launch, and manage full-featured websites with their own domain. Over the past 4 years, Jimdo has acquired more than 3.5 million customers, and now with Zuora, Jimdo has the self-service subscription commerce capabilities to scale its business globally.

Optimize Global Pricing and Packaging for 11 Languages and 20 Currencies

  • Jimdo uses the Zuora Subscription Commerce Platform to easily create and launch pricing and packaging for multiple markets and customer segments globally. Customers can easily choose, manage, and add to their subscription services through a clear and simple interface, including:
    • Regional offers and specific pricing for 11 countries
    • Configure 20 different currencies and enable billing in local currency
    • Support for more than 80 payment methods from wire transfer to credit cards

Pricing Flexibility and Speed of Change Required to Scale Internationally

  • With Jimdo's rapid growth, Jimdo faced a technical bottleneck with its existing retail-based billing system, as it could not support the rapid rollout of new currencies and price plans. In addition, because the system was not built for subscriptions, every transaction and product add-on had to be entered as separate transactions, resulting in multiple invoices for the same subscription to customers.
  • After evaluating all available subscription-billing services, Jimdo determined that only Zuora, designed for subscription-based businesses, could provide the mission-critical enterprise capabilities Jimdo required to accelerate its business.
  • Specifically, Zuora was also the only solution that was able to address:
    • Support for multiple product lines including paid and free versions
    • Self-service capabilities to handle upgrades with a single invoice stream
    • Handling multiple currencies without product SKU explosion


  • "From the ability to manage our pricing strategy more flexibly to creating region-specific packages and billing in local currencies, we needed a robust subscription commerce platform and self-service capabilities to scale our business globally," said Christian Springub, Co-Founder of Jimdo. "Now with Zuora, not only do we run our business better, Zuora has driven revenue growth by allowing us to expand, very rapidly, into more and more international markets."
  • "With the shift to the Subscription Economy, companies need a way to launch, price and package, and tailor their subscription products and services to new international markets," said Shawn Price, President of Zuora. "Jimdo exemplifies the model for rapid expansion with the ability to launch, experiment and iterate pricing for customers across the globe."

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