LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2011) - Brando Enterprises has filed a lawsuit against Harley-Davidson Motor Company for the unlicensed use of the Brando name in connection with a line of boots which Harley-Davidson calls "The Brando." The suit, which was filed by entertainment and licensing attorney Jeffrey I. Abrams, Esq. of Los Angeles-based Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin, LLP, seeks an injunction to stop Harley-Davidson from infringing and misappropriating the Brando name and to recover damages caused by the sales and marketing of the unlicensed "Brando" boot.

Established in part to protect the Marlon Brando name, likeness and personality on behalf of the Brando family, Brando Enterprises is overseen by Brando Trust co-trustees Mike Medavoy, Chairman of Phoenix Entertainment, accountant and business manager Larry Dressler and Avra Douglas, a family friend. Filed today, the lawsuit reflects the most recent infringement of Brando intellectual property rights by a company utilizing the Brando name without a license.

"The Marlon Brando name is among the most recognized in the world. Only a select few can transcend generations and Marlon Brando is in that rarified group of globally renowned icons. The entire licensing industry is fully aware of the importance attached to protecting a brand -- not only from the perspective of the brand owner but also for the benefit of all licensees, retailers and consumers. Brando Enterprises has successfully achieved a number of high-profile licensing partnerships with a broad range of media and retail licensees -- all within the specific parameters set forth by the actor himself. Marlon spent a lifetime protecting his brand and made it a priority that his name would continue to be protected on behalf of his family," said the Brando Trust.

"It is interesting that Harley-Davidson -- a company that is vigorously protective of its own brand -- would seek to exploit an iconic property without benefit of a licensing agreement. The flagrant disregard for the law by Harley-Davidson cannot be tolerated. It is our mission to protect the Marlon Brando name and we will pursue any company or individual who infringes on these rights meant to benefit the Brando family," said Abrams.

Brando Enterprises is represented for licensing by Brand Sense Partners, LLC.

About Brando Enterprises
Brando Enterprises is a an operating entity created by the Marlon Brando Living Trust to manage core business interests including Brando licensing activities, preservation and archiving of Brando memorabilia in preparation for future exploitation and film participation and represent the Brando Trust's continuing commitment to maximizing opportunities on behalf of the beneficiaries according to Marlon's wishes as set forth in his Trust documents. The Brando Trustees include motion picture producer and former studio executive Mike Medavoy, accountant and business management executive Larry Dressler and Avra Douglas, a close family friend who also served as an executive assistant and creative development executive with the famed actor.

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