SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - May 23, 2011) - Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. ("AVRS") (OTCBB: AVOI) is a software development company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona specializing in creating interface and application solutions for speech recognition technologies. Our speech recognition software and related firmware was first introduced in 1994 at an industry trade show.

Our primary assets are patents. The first U.S. Patent #5,960,447 is for a word tagging and editing system for speech recognition filed on November 13, 1995 and issued on September 28, 1999. The patent includes 42 claims covering an extremely broad base of features applicable to existing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) products and markets.

U.S. Patent #7,558,730 was filed on November 27, 2001 and issued on July 7, 2009. The invention discloses a system for facilitating speech recognition and transcription among users employing incompatible protocols for generating, transcribing and exchanging speech. This patent is expected to strengthen our position in voice recognition.

On March 9, 2010 the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") declared an interference between the AVRS as Senior Party and Allvoice Developments, US LLC as Junior Party. An interference is a proceeding conducted by the USPTO in instances where two or more parties claim patent rights to the same technology. In an interference the primary purpose of the USPTO is to determine which party invented the technology first, and to award the patent to that party. The AVRS patent was filed approximately 10 months before the Allvoice Patent. On January 13, 2011, Oblon Spivak of Alexandria, Virginia, representing AVRS in the Interference proceedings, delivered oral arguments before a three judge panel of the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI). Oral arguments were the culmination of thousands of hours of team effort. The Company hopes to receive a timely decision.

Also on January 13, 2011, the Company received a notice of allowance for a third patent which is a continuation of U.S. Patent #7,558,730. We believe the third patent will improve the efforts of AVRS to monetize its assets in the rapidly growing voice recognition and transcription marketplace.

Additionally, the Allvoice Patent is the subject of a lawsuit that Allvoice filed against Microsoft in August 2009 in which Allvoice alleged infringement of Allvoice's patent. Microsoft in turn filed invalidity contentions based in part on Advanced Voice Recognition Systems' patent and its previously marketed product Digital Dictate. To date the Western District of Washington has not ruled on the invalidity contentions asserted by Microsoft.

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