TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire - May 23, 2011) - Solar Topps (http://www.solartopps.com), a fast growing solar integrator with offices based in Tucson, Arizona, announced a new solar panel supply agreement with one of America's leading panel manufacturers, Schott Solar (http://www.schottsolar.com), which manufactures its quality zero power loss (-0%/+5%) solar panels in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

During the month of April, Solar Topps marketing campaigns targeted Arizona commercial building owners with an unmatched offer of $4 per watt installation cost, which created a large demand for solar panels with guaranteed zero-loss power production. Commercial customers in Tucson, Nogales, Yuma and the rest of Arizona are signing contracts quickly to ensure that they receive the highest solar rebates, solar tax incentives and solar grants possible. Arizona utility solar rebates are being reduced each month and the U.S. Federal solar grant program will end at the end of December 2011.

Solar Topps will be installing Schott's solar panels on numerous upcoming commercial solar power installations that range from 30-kilowatts to 200 kilowatts for car dealerships, hotels, strip mall shopping centers, convenience stores, freight forwarding companies, import/export winter produce warehouse facilities and several multi-unit franchisees located in Tucson, Nogales, Yuma, Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona.

Solar Topps' monthly run rate is approaching 300-kilowatts per month and is on track to install 4 Megawatts by the end of 2011.

"Arizona building owners are becoming more and more aware that solar not only saves them money, but will give their building/business a serious competitive edge over their competitors for years to come because they will be generating electricity at 2011 prices while the competition will see their electric rates go up by five percent every year," said Neal Uppal, Solar Topps' President.

"Our best salesman is an excel spreadsheet, which shows the increased cash flow, the amount of free solar electricity that can be generated, and the simple fact that Arizona commercial building owners can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by going solar," Uppal added. "No one loves our spreadsheet's mathematics more than accountants and CPAs. Why not have your accounting firm call us today to find out how much money we can save your company?"

"To make it easy for commercial customers to get a hassle free quote, we built a website that allows Arizona commercial building owners or their accountants to enter in their last 12 month's worth of electricity bills. The site automatically generates a solar lease vs. solar purchase quote and emails it to the company in less than 24 hours. No sales people are involved until you are ready to sign a contract," said Robert Hoskins, Solar Topps' Director of Marketing. "Our price is so low it doesn't take long for the customer to see the tremendous return-on-investment. Many times our customers have been shopping solar prices for a while when they hear about our rock bottom prices. As soon as they see our quote, they sign immediately because they know we are offering the best solar deal in Arizona. The rapid rate at which we are signing contracts is a clear signal that our company is doing something right."

Ready to take the Solar Topps challenge? Collect your last 12 electric bills and go to Solar Topps' website at: http://solartopps.com/ContactUs.aspx. Fill in the blanks and the system will automatically generate a customized spreadsheet and email it to you. Shop the price around Arizona and it will be easy to see why so many customers sign a Solar Topps' solar purchase or solar lease agreement. At $4 per watt installed while incentives last, it is simply the best deal in town.

Need help evaluating solar power installation companies? Solar Topps has developed a questionnaire for customers to use when trying to make a smart solar power purchase decision and assess a potential solar installation company's knowledge of solar engineering and design expertise. Download it for free at http://www.solartopps.com/whitepapers/how-to-make-a-smart-solar-power-purchase-decision.pdf.

Contact Information:

Robert Hoskins
Director of Marketing
Cell: (602) 326-0940