HAMPTON, NH--(Marketwire - May 23, 2011) - In an effort to alleviate workplace stress and reduce mounting healthcare costs, Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, LLC, a hypnotherapy provider integrating complementary medical modalities, today announced the launch of the market's only cloud-based Sound Mind Sound Body Corporate Wellness Plan. An "on-demand" relaxation recording and guided imagery plan, Sound Mind Sound Body incorporates evidence-based, AMA approved principles -- that complement traditional medical care -- to decrease stress, increase optimism and promote a sound mind and body.

Studies have shown that stress is the root cause of 90 percent of illnesses and accidents. Loss of sleep due to stress is directly associated with overeating, cravings, disruptions of family life, elevated auto accidents, occupational accidents, impaired immune function, and increased cardiovascular events. Overeating due to stress has also been cited for increased rates of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and orthopedic issues. Employee absence can cost an organization the equivalent of 35 percent of its payroll (Mercer, 2010), and studies have shown that employee wellness programs can help increase employee productivity and reverse absenteeism.

Charles Nechtem Associates, a pilot of the Sound Mind Sound Body Corporate Wellness Plan, is one of the top 10 EAP's in the nation covering five million employees. Chuck Nechtem, founder of Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc., had this to say, "Sound Mind is the perfect prescription for relaxation and inner harmony. It's a brilliant program that is surely the next generation employee wellness program -- the way of the future."

Sound Mind Sound Body Corporate Wellness Plan offers employers downloadable hypnotherapy and guided imagery recordings to help employees resolve and cope with such conditions as stress, insomnia, unhealthy behaviors as well as for pre-surgery preparations or for coping with chronic illnesses such as cancer. Designed to help overcome obstacles, relieve stress and aid in healing, the plan offers a library of confidential resources. Patients gain access using a secure username and password.

"Today's workplace environment -- affected by an economic downturn -- is a source of emotional turmoil leading to illness which directly impacts the employers' bottom-line. We are experiencing epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes and various cancers caused by or exacerbated by stress and life style choices," said Sharon M. O'Connor, RN, founder, Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions. "Sound Mind Sound Body Corporate Wellness Plan allows employers to offer an online library of downloadable recordings available anytime, anywhere and in the privacy of one's home."

A negative work environment alone results in 12.3 million sick days per month nationwide amounting to nearly $14 billion per year in wages. Additionally, the American Psychological Association study of 1,848 adults indicates that while 77 percent experienced physical symptoms of stress during the previous month, only 7 percent sought professional support. The use of Guided Imagery CDs before surgeries has proven to dramatically decrease in-patient stays following surgery. Rapid healing will help reduce healthcare costs for employers and for the nation.

"Sharon has the credentials and expertise but more importantly, the gift to motivate and encourage. True healing begins the moment you meet her. Sound Mind Sound Body is so much more than a product or service. It's a beacon of hope that promises and delivers on growth, change and healing," states Paul Boynton, CEO, Manchester, NH-based Moore Center, serving people with intellectual, developmental and personal challenges by creating opportunities for a good life.

Employers can purchase the Sound Mind Sound Body to offer as part of their benefits package for $2 per employee per month for organizations with 50 or less employees. For larger employers, the fee reduces to as little as .25 cents per employee. Individual memberships are also available on an annual basis at $24.95, allowing unlimited access to a library of hypnotherapy programs. For a free demo of the Sound Mind Sound Body, visit http://www.acmswellness.com/login/?returnUrl=/members/ using username: soundmind -- password: guest.

For further information on Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, follow founder Sharon O'Connor on Twitter, Facebook, read her Blog, or watch her on YouTube. For media interviews with Sharon O'Connor, contact Jackie Abramian Jackie@bridgeviewmarketing.com.

About Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2007 by Sharon O'Connor, Registered Nurse, Certified Hypnotherapist and Guided Imagery Practitioner, Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, LLC, encourages the use of evidence based complementary modalities along with Western Medicine to improve health and wellness and reduce health care costs. In response to current trends, ACMS is now offering affordable, convenient digital versions of products though the Sound Mind Sound Body Corporate Wellness Plan.

Founder, Sharon O'Connor is a member of Imagery International, The National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy and American Holistic Nurses Association. She is a regular guest on "Your Health Matters" Concord (NH) Community Radio, "Begin With Yes" Manchester (NH) Community TV. Her articles have appeared in "Imagery International" and "Women's Business Boston" Magazine and she has appeared on WMUR TV News "Patients Claim Tangible Benefits From Hypnotherapy."

For information on Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, LLC visit http://www.acmswellness.com or contact 888-441-3332.

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