LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - WDX is pleased to announce its endorsement of 4th Story, LLC as its independent software house of choice to provide the Wocu™ automated Trading Platform ("WTP"), a tailorable solution for quoting and trading WDX's Wocu World Currency Unit. The WTP, developed by 4th Story, is designed to dramatically decrease the time to market for banks, hedge funds and corporate treasurers interested in and seeking to trade the Wocu.

The WTP is targeted at banks and market makers looking to quote the Wocu from their own dealable component currency pair prices, external prices or a combination of the two. Corporate treasurers, subject to Foreign Exchange ("FX") trading network or bank connectivity, may also use the WTP to trade synthetic Wocu instruments and run Wocu simulations to gauge portfolio performance.

"With interest growing in the Wocu as an effective tool for managing currency exposure volatility, we felt it important to ease its adoption by the FX community by encouraging the provision of a third party, 'out of the box' integrated solution," said Michael King, Managing Director of WDX.

The WTP includes a sophisticated engine for quoting Wocu currency pairs with individually configurable parameters to suit the needs of various market participants, along with a flexible market making and trading server to service Wocu orders by working their underlying component legs using customizable algorithms and logic. Blotters, Profit and Loss, position tracking and other key metrics are also part of the package.

The WTP is designed to be easily integrated into existing environments with built in FIX and market data adapters, with the option of custom market data and trading Application Programming Interfaces.

"We choose to work with 4th Story because of the flexibility and sophistication of their product suite," explained Mike Blakey, WDX's Director of Technology. "In addition, they really impressed us with their quality of service and their understanding of the complex issues involved in creating an institutional trading platform."

About the Wocu and WDX
The Wocu™ is a standardised, apolitical, real time derivative currency quotation based on the real time exchange rates of the currency pairs of the world's top 20 nations as determined by IMF measures of GDP. The Wocu, its constituent currency pairs weighted in line with GDPs, is a generally less volatile currency unit than traditional currency pairs, balancing currency risk and offering commercial advantage for users.

The Wocu is developed, owned and distributed by the WDX Organisation Ltd, a private company based in London, England.

Wocu prices, information about WDX and other data can be found at

About 4th Story (
4th Story, LLC's suite of automated trading and analysis products helps brokers, hedge funds and institutional traders implement their automated trading ideas quickly and efficiently. Multi-asset and multi-currency capable, the products provide rapid testing and implementation of arbitrarily complex quantitative, algorithmic and automated strategies and analyses, all backed by unparalleled support.

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