DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. today announced the release of Version 2.0 of the web interface for its suite of room scheduling and resource management software. The tool will provide users with enhanced functionality for scheduling, managing and reporting on meetings and events in their facilities.

"This release of the web interface now includes functions for everything from making reservations to editing bookings to running reports, which introduces the question, 'Can many of our users interact with EMS through the web interface exclusively?'" said Ed Nowak, director of product development. "Whatever answer they come up with, organizations now have a very solid alternative to the desktop application."

The tool, which is available for the company's EMS Professional™ and EMS Enterprise™-level products and is governed by an organization's concurrent user license, is free to existing customers with current Annual Service Agreements.

"For people responsible for managing meetings and events, there's no question that ease-of-access to the scheduling system and increased efficiency go hand-in-hand," said Kevin Raasch, vice president. "In addition, organizations that implemented Version 1.0 of the web interface have been very pleased with the way it allows them to be more mobile and thereby able to have greater onsite interaction with meeting organizers and visitors."

While release of the enhanced interface will likely hasten the shift from desktop to web-based access of EMS systems, the company has no plans to slow development of the desktop version of the software.

"One thing we're hearing consistently from our customers and prospective customers, is that while they definitely want web-based access to their scheduling system, especially for certain types of users, they don't want to be forced to rely on a web interface," said Nowak. "The release of this enhanced version of our web interface, even as development of our desktop application continues, demonstrates our commitment to providing customers the options they've asked for."

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