SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - The Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience, today announced a research partnership with Bersin & Associates for the 2011 Candidate Experience (C&E) Awards. Bersin & Associates, an Oakland, Calif.-based premier research and consulting firm that empowers HR organizations to drive bottom-line impact, will contribute its research and reporting methodologies to a research report highlighting best practices and processes that emerge from the 2011 C&E Award survey.

The foundation of the C&E Award is a benchmark survey that allows participating companies to know exactly how their candidate experience design compares to their peers in a secure, confidential way. The C&E Award is designed to recognize all companies that meet a base standard of candidate experience -- not just a select few. At a minimum, all participating companies will receive actionable feedback on how to improve their candidate experience.

"The Talent Board is excited to collaborate with the Bersin & Associates team on the 2011 C&E Award. Their world-class research and reporting expertise will only enhance our ability to achieve our mission -- help every participating company to improve the experience they provide their candidates," commented Ed Newman, co-founder of The Talent Board and blogger at Accidental Entrepreneur.

"The 2011 Candidate Experience awards complement our talent acquisition research, which shows that HR organizations recognize the need to improve their hiring practices and tools to ensure they are efficient, effective and optimal for the business and market forces," said Josh Bersin, chief executive officer and president, Bersin & Associates. "By recognizing organizations that demonstrate excellence in processes and practices for talent acquisition sourcing and screening, we expect this award to inform an ever-evolving standard for the employment candidate experience."

The award competition consists of three survey rounds that are designed to evaluate and recognize organizations based in North America that produce outstanding candidate experiences. Round one is comprised of a 40-question survey that is designed to capture and evaluate the nominated company's recruitment processes and practices driving the candidate experience. The submission deadline for this phase of the award process is June 30, 2011. Round two of the competition, involves access to a sampling of 2011 employment candidates using online survey tools. While round three involves an interview by a panel of judges who will make the final determination on unique category finalists. All Candidate Experience winners will be celebrated at a reception ceremony held during the 2011 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

More About The Talent Board
A non-profit organization pending 501(c) 3 certification, The Talent Board's mission is to elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Funded by donations and sponsorships, the organization's flagship event is the annual Candidate Experience Awards. More information can be accessed at

The Talent Board was founded by the talent acquisition industry's leading experts: Elaine Orler and Mark McMillan, Talent Function Group; Gerry Crispin, CareerXroads; and Ed Newman, Accidental Entrepreneur. These individuals are contributing their time and passion to underwrite this initiative, which is posed to forever change the manner in which job candidates are treated.