BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - UC4, the world's largest, independent IT automation software company, today announced UC4 Service Level Governor, a proactive management, monitoring and reporting tool enabling the delivery of service level commitments on time, every time, automatically. UC4 Service Level Governor takes ONE Automation, the enterprise-wide approach that intelligently integrates the automation of business processes, applications and IT infrastructure onto one platform, to the next step by automating decisions and enabling seamless operation of dynamic cloud and virtual architectures.

Current Service Level management offerings are built for static, physical IT architectures. They are simple, backward-looking tools that report on Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance after SLAs have been breached. UC4 Service Level Governor is built for today's dynamic virtual and cloud-based architectures aligning business with IT by tracking multiple tasks, intelligently synthesizing, evaluating and applying policies and rules to identify event patterns that could impact service delivery and automatically orchestrates immediate remedial action to resolve issues, before they become critical, ensuring all SLAs are prioritized and met.

UC4 Service Level Governor is designed to:

  • Improve quality of service by orchestrating across three layers (business, process and application infrastructure) instead of one
  • Proactively manage SLAs in real-time
  • Provide real-time visibility into SLA management
  • Lower operating costs by meeting quality requirements and delivering promised services on time, reducing business performance degradation and penalties incurred by missed SLAs
  • Improve infrastructure utilization and workload throughput by marrying process requirements with dynamic infrastructure in real-time

"UC4 Service Level Governor takes us one step closer to completing our ONE Automation vision by providing tools to automate both tasks and decisions throughout the complex event process," said Jason Liu, CEO of UC4. "Our approach makes current, backward-looking monitoring tools obsolete as we provide an intelligent forward looking service level management solution. Welcome to a new age; yesterday, you knew what you missed, with UC4, you know what you deliver."

UC4 Service Level Governor solution overview:

  • Easy to use SLA management user interface
    • Define SLA Rules for Process Flows and Events
    • Manage SLA's based on delivery time and costs
    • Alert early and react predictively and automatically to avoid delays and costs
  • Real-time Dashboard for SLA Monitoring
    • Full visibility of SLA-critical jobs in real-time
    • Full visibility of current and predicted SLA costs
    • Predictive forecasting for completion time and associated SLA costs
    • Role-based real-time view of SLAs
  • SLA Reporting and Advanced Analytics
    • Detailed analysis of dependencies
    • Costs for breached SLAs and/or costs to fix the problem
    • Seek patterns to prevent future SLA breaches

To learn more about UC4's new offering and vision, click on the following links: UC4 Service Level Governor and ONE Automation

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