PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - Exterro®, the legal industry's most trusted provider of software solutions, today announces the release of Fusion Zeta™, the new data management layer of its integrated solution suite. With the addition of Fusion Zeta, Exterro delivers a new class of e-discovery software solutions to enterprises with true workflow-driven data management. Fusion Zeta is an automated, easy-to-administer application that handles in-place early case assessment, preservation, collection, and analysis. Zeta is purpose built on Fusion's unified platform, empowering legal teams to work efficiently and assert unprecedented control over the e-discovery process.

As electronically stored information (ESI) volumes grow, enterprises can no longer rely on fragmented, unpredictable and costly point tools to handle complex e-discovery projects. Fusion Zeta achieves complete coverage of the EDRM process. Its comprehensive, workflow-driven approach facilitates greater collaboration between legal and IT. By treating data management as an end-to-end business process, Fusion Zeta streamlines activities, reducing duplication and waste. An intuitive, centralized interface offers complete visibility into e-discovery activities with progress tracking and insightful metrics. Integrated workflows drive seamless transitions between legal hold, early case assessment, and collection. Even before data is collected, legal teams can probe and analyze information in place. By gathering critical information early in the litigation process, Fusion Zeta guides case strategies and improves defensibility.

"Enterprise clients are looking for one of two things: a software suite that covers identification, preservation, and collection and processing, or ECA," said Debra Logan, analyst and vice president of research at Gartner, Inc. "Ease of use is another primary concern for any offering that targets legal end users. The ability to cull or process data before it is passed to lawyers, especially outside counsel, is of paramount importance."

With the addition of Fusion Zeta, Exterro's suite of applications manages the e-discovery process, as well as executes all e-discovery activities. Fusion's open Integration Hub now connects with common ESI data sources such as Microsoft Exchange™ and SharePoint™ while continuing to leverage investments in IT infrastructure and other EDRM tools.

"Working closely with legal teams, we saw them struggle with existing approaches to ECA, collection and review," said Bobby Balachandran, Exterro's president and CEO. "Most are tech-heavy tools poorly adapted to legal needs. They fail to produce the right information early enough. With Fusion Zeta, we rethought how we should bring a critical legal perspective to what's traditionally been a strictly IT process."

Zeta's core functionalities include:

In-Place Early Case Assessment (ECA):

  • Scan and analyze data sources prior to collection
  • Scenario development with cost estimates for meet-and-confer preparation

Preservation, Culling and Collection:

  • One-click collections from Exterro Legal Hold, Discovery Workflow, Collection Management, or Zeta™ itself
  • Provision for manual and incremental collections
  • Chain of custody reports and audit logs for defensibility

Analysis and In-House Review

  • Robust search options that surface relevant documents and cull unrelated or privileged information
  • User-defined document labels for classification purposes
  • Email and social network analysis with powerful visualization tools

Fusion Zeta is available now. It is priced on a subscription, perpetual or service provider license model. To learn more and schedule a product demo, please visit www.exterro.com.

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Exterro, Inc. is the recognized leader in workflow-driven e-discovery software. Exterro's solutions enable legal teams to reduce costs and streamline processes by tightening collaboration among in-house legal teams, outside counsel, and IT resources. Exterro pioneered e-discovery workflow, and continues to expand its innovative Fusion suite of applications -- Genome™ Data Mapping, Legal Hold, Discovery Workflow Management, Comprehensive Interview, Compliance Portal, and Zeta. The Exterro Fusion platform delivers end-to-end legal governance, controls risks, and provides valuable insights to guide case strategies. Fusion's open architecture integrates seamlessly with existing business processes and enterprise infrastructure. To learn more, visit www.exterro.com.

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