SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 25, 2011) - Today, cloud-based advertising company Flite announced its first two Cloud Ad units, Lift Off (launching today) and Brand Pilot (coming soon), allowing brands to serve ads with constantly updated, real-time content that leverages social networks, APIs, third party reviews, location data and more. Coming on the heels of the launch of its cloud advertising platform in March, Flite's Cloud Ad units make it possible to easily create, serve, and measure ads that are as dynamic as the best websites and deliver superior performance over traditional display campaigns.

"Cloud-based advertising is poised to be the next revolution in display advertising," said Will Price, CEO of Flite. "The vast majority of banner ads today are no different than they were in 1994; brands and agencies have been constrained by static display ads that show little more than a piece of creative and a call to action button leading to poorly trafficked landing pages. Flite's Cloud Ad units allow brands to harness the real-time nature of the web to serve dynamic ads that can be built in less than a day, and engage customers with fresh, evolving content. With Cloud Ads, brands can be as reactive to new developments in their ad campaigns as they are with their Twitter accounts."

The Cloud Ad units enable advertisers to quickly design engaging ads and adjust content to suit ever-evolving marketing messages and objectives. Much like today's websites offer interactive content and invite reader participation with comment sections and social sharing tools, Cloud Ads also promote sharing across social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and provide an encompassing interactive and social experience for brands, all within the ad units themselves.

Flite's Lift Off Cloud Ad unit is designed for launching new products, where brands can highlight product demos, videos, user reviews, location data on where to purchase, or even allow customers to place an in-unit preorder. Combining all of the product information into one ad unit allows customers to interact with the product without leaving the page, and eliminates the need to build and maintain expensive landing pages and microsites.

The Brand Pilot unit will help brands maximize their display dollars by maintaining a fresh, engaging ad presence that leverages real-time content streams to deliver an experience that meets consumers' expectations of the constantly changing nature of the web.

"While the best marketing campaigns are immediately reactive and responsive to consumer insight and data analytics, current display ads take weeks to produce and are not suited for the real-time web we now live in," said Price. "We built Cloud Ads to give brands the freedom to easily and quickly build easily customized ad units on top of Flite's cloud-based ad platform."

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Flite is a cloud-based ad platform that enables marketers to improve brand recall and purchase intent by leveraging real-time content. The Flite platform of Web based tools allows marketers to easily produce ads that express the power of their brand as effectively as their brand's own website. With Flite, marketers receive up to a 10x increase in ROI on their brand spend with ads developed in 1/10th the time. For more information, visit:

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