CHESTERFIELD, MO--(Marketwire - May 25, 2011) - Each year, the week leading up to Father's Day is designated "National Men's Health Week." As part of this year's observance, from June 13-19, Dr. Carl Hastings, Reliv International's chief scientific officer, suggests that men embrace the message of this annual awareness campaign and give their families a special Father's Day gift: adopting a healthier, more proactive attitude toward their health.

"There is no better way to show your love and concern for your family and friends," says Dr. Hastings, "than by taking action now to help stop preventable diseases from developing and taking steps to keep your body and mind in peak condition."

National Men's Health Week began in 1994, when the Men's Health Network (MHN), a non-profit organization, worked with members of the U.S. Congress to create a week that would raise awareness about preventable health problems in men and boys and encourage them to schedule regular health checkups and seek early treatment for disease and injury.

The statistics surrounding men's health issues are sobering: Dr. David Gremillion of the MHN says, "There is a silent health crisis in America... it's the fact that, on average, American men live sicker and die younger than American women." According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), men die at higher rates of the top 10 causes of death, including heart disease, cancer and stroke, and have an average life expectancy at birth of only 75.3 years as opposed to a woman's 80.4 years. And yet, men are half as likely as women to visit their doctor annually for a check-up or preventive services.

The good news, according to Dr. Hastings, is that there are steps men can take to ramp up their healthy defenses. For example:

  • Regular check-ups and age-appropriate screening tests are the first defense against preventable illness and disease. The Men's Health Network provides its "Men's Health Checklist" health maintenance schedule at

  • Plenty of exercise and a diet low in saturated fat, combined with an optional supplementation program with plant-based compounds known as phytosterols, can help control high cholesterol, a leading cause of heart disease.

  • While genetic factors also play a key role, a diet high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, combined with an optional supplementation program that includes Vitamin E and selenium, may provide protection against one of the most common cancers to inflict American men, prostate cancer.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and adding certain plant-based substances, such as cinnamon, to the diet can help control blood sugar levels and lessen the chances of developing diabetes.

  • Controlling chronic stress can reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease and can help avoid behaviors that may affect cancer risk.

"Small but significant changes in lifestyle and health care habits can make a profound difference in life expectancy and overall physical and mental health," said Dr. Hastings. "And a guided program of nutritional supplementation can also help. Father's Day is a good time for a man to look around at the faces of the people who love and depend on him, and to make the decision to honor that love and responsibility by making positive changes to his diet and living habits."

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