CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 26, 2011) - As the wedding season approaches, GoHealth experts have some advice for newlyweds on how to review health insurance coverage and best plan for the future.

Health Insurance Tips for Newlyweds

Tip #1
If your partner has group health insurance, don't assume it's the best option. Compare individual health insurance quotes to determine which type of coverage is the right choice when it comes to cost and benefits.

Tip #2
Consider a policy with maternity coverage if you're planning on having children. Becoming pregnant without health insurance or maternity coverage can be considered a pre-existing condition. Even if there aren't immediate plans for little ones, it is best to plan for the future or be prepared in case of a surprise.

Tip #3
Health care reform allows young adults to stay on their parents' plan until they are 26, but it's important to remember that a spouse cannot be added to parents' health insurance plans. This option is best for individuals and isn't a long term solution for couples.

Tip #4
If you are adding a spouse to a plan, make sure that he or she is happy and understands the benefits and network of doctors covered.

Tip #5
Don't change plans without consulting the spouse or checking to see if preferred doctors are covered by the network. It can be frustrating when particular doctors or hospitals aren't part of a plan's network.

"During any big life change like getting married, it's very important that you re-evaluate your health insurance coverage. Newlyweds have to decide if one spouse will jump on the other's plan, find an entirely new plan, or keep their same individual plans. There are a lot of variables, so it makes sense to talk to a GoHealth advisor to go over possible options," said Mark Colwell, Manager of Consumer Marketing at

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