BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - May 26, 2011) - GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in online security, today announced that its BIOWRAP® Encrypted File System is now available to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry customers. BIOWRAP's automated encryption, protection, granular and fluid rights management, and auditing capabilities allow users to extend complete security, privacy and compliance over sensitive digital information regardless of where it resides or travels. BIOWRAP's capabilities provide compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, FDA and other state and federal regulations governing how information must be protected and accounted for -- eliminating costly non-compliance fines and automating internal and external audits. In addition, because BIOWRAP provides a full range of security, privacy and compliance features, customers using it significantly reduce the costs and complexity associated with having to purchase and manage multiple technologies.

"The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are among the most heavily regulated in the world. They have to ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and numerous other state and federal consumer privacy regulations, and also ensure that sensitive data is protected and kept private. These two objectives pose significant challenges, and organizations need solutions that will mitigate the risks as well as ease, simplify and reduce costs associated with both," said Michael Osterman, principal of Osterman Research, Inc. "Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations should be encouraged by the fact that regulated businesses are finding success with the BIOWRAP solution. It promises to be technology that will allow them to achieve security, privacy and compliance goals while reducing costs and complexity."

"Protecting data and remaining within the confines of compliance are indispensible pillars of our IT security strategy. Finding a cost-effective solution, implementing it and training employees on how to use it are challenges we are faced with on a daily basis," said Tom Mason, vice president of IT, Insurance Office of America. "BIOWRAP's ability to provide protection and compliance over the full lifespan of sensitive data through an easy-to-use interface has improved our security and compliance posture, and allowed us to eliminate many costs and user-related issues."

Powerful Data Protection - Anywhere
BIOWRAP is a powerful solution for protecting, tracking and managing sensitive electronic information, wherever it may be located and however it may be delivered, whether it is in transit or at rest, or inside or outside the trusted network.

  • BIOWRAP incorporates file management for access rights, file retention, file information and real-time notification of all access, including unsuccessful access attempts.
  • Users can define access rights in multiple ways:
    • Personal files: Only the creator of the file can open it.
    • Reader Identity: A GlobalSign Digital Certificate (Digital ID) is required to access the file.
    • Company/Group Only: Only members of the company or group can access the file.
    • Security code: The file is password protected.
    • Username/password: A registered Reader can open the file.
    • Public: Anyone can access the file.
  • Users can instantly change the lifespan of an active file, expire an active file to prevent future access and reactivate expired files in real time.
  • Forensic auditing of all file activity is automatically recorded and provides information such as time and date of access, user identity and IP address; it also tracks unauthorized activity.

"A recent survey demonstrates that a high percentage of healthcare IT teams are spending over 50 percent of their work days dealing with regulatory compliance issues. In some cases, IT security teams are devoting up to 100 percent of their time to compliance issues. Compliance is certainly necessary in today's IT environment, but it can defocus organizations away from the critical importance of security," said Lila Kee, chief product officer for GlobalSign. "With BIOWRAP, organizations are striking a successful balance. They are addressing everything that HIPAA, HITECH, the FDA and other regulations and agencies require while at the same time ensuring protection and privacy of sensitive information."

GlobalSign's BIOWRAP® Encrypted File System is available now from GlobalSign, partners and resellers. For more information on BIOWRAP for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries please visit:

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