SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - WindSpring, the market innovator for high performance data management technology, today announced the availability of Data Management Tools (DMT) 6.0, whose content-aware compression and data optimization tools let users manage data access and system performance in any environment. DMT 6.0 was created to address the growing need for more sophisticated tools to meet the demands created by an explosive growth in the creation, transmission and storage of data.

DMT 6.0 introduces a number of innovative data optimization techniques to meet these challenges. Cisco recently predicted that global mobile data traffic alone will increase to 6.3 petabytes per month by 2015. The amount of stored data is growing no less rapidly, with IDC estimating that existing data already exceeds available global storage. Regardless of data environment or application -- hard disk, mobile, storage, server, web, archive, database and more -- DMT 6.0 directly addresses these increasingly common problems, delivering improved performance and utilization, more efficient communications, enhanced storage availability and complete access to compressed data.

"We've known for a long time that our IP and extensive experience in data compression held great promise for a number of new markets, and DMT 6.0 is proof of that assertion," said Tom Hunt, WindSpring President and CEO. "The unique combination of capabilities that DMT provides will certainly lead to powerful new products and services."

In the data storage market, focusing on making the data smaller using compression techniques is not enough. In today's marketplace, compression must also deliver fast access to the data. This is precisely what DMT 6.0 provides. "Compression is a wonderful way to get more bang for your storage buck, but not if you have to decompress all the data to get at a piece of it," said David Hill, founder and senior analyst of Mesabi Group. "Getting at a piece of selected data without having to first decompress it is a necessary capability for useful compression on primary storage."

Data Management Tools 6.0 delivers:

  • Direct Data Access -- Search or Seek into compressed data without decompression.
  • Reduced Storage costs -- effective storage capacity increased up to 2X
  • Increased Communications Efficiency -- lowered communications costs, improved battery life and mobile device performance, reduction in data usage of up to 80%
  • Codec Independent Architecture -- 6 interchangeable compression codecs to address data storage, access, and performance
  • Content-Aware Compression -- Automatic selectable codecs that can be chosen to best match storage, communications, or access requirements

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