SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - RightScale®, Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, today announced the launch of its MultiCloud Marketplace, a clearing house for ready-to-run, customizable software designed according to best practices for launching and managing servers in the cloud. Organizations and developers can leverage a broad collection of software solutions, provided by RightScale and software partners, ranging from end-user applications to middleware and components such as data stores, application and web servers, grid frameworks, and more. By using the MultiCloud Marketplace, companies can cut costs and reduce their time to market in building cloud deployments while maintaining the ability to customize them for their business needs and run them across multiple cloud environments -- both public and private.

RightScale offers the MultiCloud Marketplace as an open market for software vendors, companies and individuals to publish cloud-ready versions of software deployments, which makes it a powerful resource for businesses just getting started on the cloud as well as active users managing complex cloud deployments. These cloud-ready solutions, which utilize RightScale's ServerTemplate™ technology, eliminate the complexity associated with building, provisioning and managing servers in cloud environments, leveraging years of experience from RightScale, their partners and the user community. ServerTemplates contain reusable, easily adaptable components that save significant time in creating new customized configurations, and in managing the lifecycle of deployed applications from development to test to production to maintenance. The RightScale ServerTemplate methodology is fundamental to a truly automated multi-cloud infrastructure because it enables cloud servers to be launched and dynamically configured at run time without any manual work.

The MultiCloud Marketplace supports several publishing and sharing scenarios that are unique in the cloud market today:

  • Software partners can publish to all RightScale users based on their own attached license agreement.
  • Software partners and system integrators can publish to a restricted set of users and charge via a pay-per-use licensing model based on usage metering provided by RightScale
  • RightScale customers can build their own proprietary configurations and then share them internally to selected users inside their organization
  • RightScale community members can publish freely to all RightScale users in order to share best practices and useful configurations

"You can think of our MultiCloud Marketplace as an app store for IT professionals using the cloud -- and the first to offer true multi-cloud portability," said Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale. "Cloud infrastructure delivers unprecedented agility, but launching and managing applications in the cloud with high operational excellence is still complex and time consuming. That's why we built the MultiCloud Marketplace -- to provide our users access to cloud-ready software deployments where the operational excellence is already built-in, using RightScale's and our partners' years of experience launching and operating large scale cloud deployments. In addition, we're delighted to see that the MultiCloud Marketplace has become a true open community in that individual users are contributing also. This gives the entire RightScale community a growing collection of ServerTemplates available for deployment across multiple cloud infrastructures."

The MultiCloud Marketplace currently has hundreds of published ServerTemplates from RightScale and partners, and new templates are being published every week. Including private versions, the RightScale community has developed more than 42,500 cloud-ready RightScale ServerTemplates in total -- which doubles the number created at the same time last year and illustrates the rapid growth in types of workloads managed on the cloud.

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