SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - The Candidate Experience Awards announces that StartWire has become a sponsor of the 2011 Candidate Experience Awards (The C&E Awards). A benchmark survey that lets participating companies know exactly how their candidate experience design compares to their peers in a secure, confidential way, the C&E Award is designed to recognize all companies that meet a standard of candidate experience -- not just a select few. All companies who participate in the program will receive actionable feedback on how to improve their candidate experience for job seekers.

"We are thrilled to have StartWire as a sponsor to the C&E Awards. They are already leading the market to provide better candidate experience. Specifically, their work to provide candidates with automatic status updates on their online employment applications is something that the Candidate Experience Awards applauds. StartWire's sponsorship of the C&E Awards aligns well with the mission of the C&E Awards," says Mark McMillan, Executive Director of The Talent Board.

"It's not enough for your organization to be a best place to work," says Chris Forman, CEO and Co-Founder of StartWire. "You also want to be a best place to apply. On average at organizations, there are 50 applicants and five finalists for every job. And unlike history -- which is often written by the victor -- a company's brand as an employer is at least 'drafted' by the folks who did not receive the offer letter. How you treat the 49 you didn't hire may ultimately impact your ability to hire the applicant you want. Most organizations don't get this. The Talent Board is at the forefront of changing this mindset."

Participation in the C&E Awards consists of a three round process designed to evaluate and assess the candidate experience of applicants. Organizations can nominate themselves on the basis of their ability to provide a good experience for candidates. All organizations in North America may apply for the free program; the first round submission deadline to participate in the program is June 30, 2011. The survey can be accessed from the Candidate Experience awards website:

Those organizations who meet a standard of candidate experience will be awarded with a "Candidate Experience" designation and invited to submit additional information for the final round of the C&E Awards program. All Candidate Experience winners will be celebrated at a banquet ceremony held during the 2011 HR Technology Conference in October in Las Vegas.

Companies that are curious about the Award can sign up for an informational webinar:

More About The Talent Board

A non-profit organization pending 501(c) 3 certification, The Talent Board's mission is to facilitate the evolution of the employment candidate experience. Funded by donations and sponsorships, the organization's flagship event is the annual Candidate Experience Awards. More information can be accessed at

The Talent Board was founded by the talent acquisition industry's leading experts: Elaine Orler and Mark McMillan, Talent Function Group; Gerry Crispin, CareerXroads; and Ed Newman, Accidental Entrepreneur. These individuals are contributing their time and passion to underwrite this initiative, which is posed to forever change the manner in which job candidates are treated.

About StartWire™

StartWire™ closes the 'application black hole' by providing job seekers with free, automatic updates on their job applications from over 2,100 employers via e-mail and text. StartWire™ also provides a suite of tools that streamline the job search process from recommendations on where to apply and friends who can help, to status indicators of your chances of getting a call based on your application date, the age of the job, and industry benchmarks.

StartWire™ launched in early 2010 to rave reviews and write-ups in US News & World Report,, CNN, ERE, HR Executive Magazine, & Career Xroads. StartWire™ is the 1st product commercialized by StartDate Labs™ -- a recruiting and job search technology incubator. StartDate Labs is based in Lebanon, N.H.